Perk Eatery in Scottsdale

It takes a little effort for most people to be perky in the a.m. However, we’ve found a new dining gem in Scottsdale that is sure to make the mornings more exciting: Perk Eatery. The family-owned and -operated restaurant is whipping up incredible breakfast and lunch eats using many organic, local products. Plus, Perk Eatery donates a portion of its proceeds to charitable organizations throughout the community.
The breakfast menu is chock-full of tasty treasures: scrambles, pancakes, potato pancakes, corned beef hash, waffles, French toast and more. For those wanting a morning meal with a twist, the Fancy Pants scramble is a top pick. The dish features slow-roasted turkey, spinach, garlic, cheese and the crowning glory, fig compote. Such a delicious combo of sweet and savory. The corned beef hash is customer favorite, especially when paired with fragrant, delectable rosemary potatoes.
However, it is the pancakes that are truly Perk Eatery’s greatest attraction. They are light, sweet, fluffy and don’t even need a hint of butter or syrup to be absolutely divine. (Perk Eatery does provide true maple syrup, as well as pancakes topped with fresh berries and caramelized banana-nut.) Don’t even bother trying to ask for the recipe. It is a well-kept secret that only the co-owner Pauline Martinez knows–not even her husband is privy to the info (pictured). We also hear that Perk Eatery dishes up sweet cream-vanilla scones on the weekend that are quite the hit.
For lunchtime visitors, there is plenty of variety at Perk Eatery to choose from: burgers, sandwiches, soups and salads. 480.998.6026,

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