Frank & Albert’s

The Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix has long been one of the Valley’s most sophisticated spots. With the recent addition of the Frank & Albert’s restaurant, the Biltmore has combined this elegance with comforting Southwest-inspired eats that I can’t wait to dig into again–and soon!
Frank & Albert’s (named after architects Frank Lloyd Wright and his protege Albert Chase McArthur) has a welcoming yet masculine bar area and dining room, with dark woods and dark orange accents. The restaurant was also bursting with personality, from the jovial staff to the napkins that read: “Keep your friends close but your ingredients closer.” I especially like the indoor/outdoor area, where diners can sit next to a gorgeous, streamlined fireplace while still getting cooled down by the breezes that blow through the open glass doors (covered in Frank-esque lattice work).
For starters, the smoked tomato soup with a mini grilled cheese sandwich, on toasted brioche, was delicious. The soup shooter had a subtle smokiness that paired nicely with the cheese. The organic celery caesar salad was a great, refreshing starter that will go over quite well come spring and summertime. The bulk of the salad isn’t romaine lettuce, but shredded celery which provided a nice crunch.
Moving to the more substantial plates, the Rocky Point grouper was incredible–meaty with a delicious golden crust.  The herb-rubbed rib of beef was so tender and juicy and paired with a small sea salt-crusted baked potato and huge buttered broccoli. The fried chicken was my personal favorite, though. While I usually shy from ordering fried chicken due to the grease intake, Frank & Albert’s chicken wasn’t at all slick. The meat was juicy and mouthwatering, and the skin was super crunchy. The mac and cheese, that sides the fried chicken, was likewise noteworthy. The macaroni side was creamy with an almost sweet taste. And the itty bitty biscuit that paired with the dish was just too cute, but also so yummy that I wanted a full-size biscuit.
Dessert on the patio is a must. Roasting s’mores by a fireplace is an activity that us Arizonans don’t get to indulge in enough and the s’mores at Frank & Albert’s taste even more delicious than your typical campfire variety. I was also a big fan of the no-frills chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookie. I’m not one of those mushy cookie fans–I like a crisp variety and this one was perfect in my book. Make trying Frank & Albert’s your New Year’s resolution–and it’ll be one you keep for a long time.

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