Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails’ New Lunch Menu

blue hound kitchen Crab Cake
Often time, we don’t give enough attention to what we eat for lunch during the work day. We usually slam leftovers at our desk or hit the drive-thru. However, grabbing a delicious, thoughtful meal during your busy lunch hour is possible thanks to Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails at Kimpton’s Hotel Palomar Phoenix’s new weekday lunch offerings. Chef Sean Currid has crafted a menu that will have you in and out of the Phoenix restaurant within an hour. The menu features classic favorites, served up with a Southern twist. Here’s a look at some of our favorites:
Crab Cake (pictured): Celery root slaw, spicy remoulade and a jalapeno-tomato bun. This option is perfect for those wanting a little spice in their midday meal. The jalapeno-tomato bun and remoulade offered a little kick, while the crab cake itself was large, meaty and a decadent pick for lunch (I mean, who won’t be jealous back at the office when you tell them you had crab for lunch?)
Ham & Cheese: Grilled open face, Noble Bread, fontina, Tillamook cheddar, tender belly ham and beefsteak tomato. This ham and cheese open-face sandwich is a crowd pleaser. Everyone loves this traditional favorite; however, it is kicked up a notch by Chef Currid by using tender belly ham and two melty cheeses. The thick slice of tomato adds a little freshness and vibrancy–and you simply can’t go wrong with a slice of Noble Bread.
blue hound kitchen The BHKC Chop
The BHKC Chop Salad (pictured): Baby heirloom tomatoes, dried corn, fregola, pepitas, avocado and cotija. The chop salad was our favorite. It was a delicious balance of savory and sweet, thanks to the crispy dried corn, and featured a variety of textures, from crunchy petitas to the creamy cotija and avocado. Plus, the pretty salad just begs to be snapped for Instagram before drizzling on the dressing and mixing it up.
Crispy Mozzarella Salad: Arugula, frisée, smoked ham, pomegranate, marcona almonds and lemon vinaigrette. This salad is a medley of flavors, from the salty smoked ham to the tart pomegranate seeds while the almonds add welcomed crunch. The beautiful salad (another picture-perfect pick) is topped with crispy mozzarella–think the best mozzarella stick you’ve ever had.

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