A Taste of The Chart House

There are so many things to love about living in the Valley; one of them happens to be that you don’t have to go far for out-of-this-world fine dining. Case in point, Scottsdale’s The Chart House. Overlooking a lovely lake in the McCormick Ranch residential area, The Chart House is not only a top spot to celebrate a special occasion, it is simply a great location from which to savor the sunset and take in the beauty of Scottsdale–while digging into fab fare, of course.
To start, the coconut crunchy shrimp, served with side of citrus chili sauce, is a great way to wake up the taste buds. The toasted coconut adds a divine crunch to the sizable shrimp. When it comes to choosing a soup offering, The Chart House makes it easy. You see, there is a Best of Soup sampler that offers up a small cup of each of the restaurant’s options: clam chowder, lobster bisque and gazpacho. Though the clam chowder was a bit lackluster, the bisque was like silk, accented with large chunks of divine lobster. The gazpacho was refreshing and full of cooling flavors.
For the main event, seafoodies can’t go wrong with the Mixed Seafood Grill. The shrimp scampi is savory and indulgent, and though the grilled citrus salmon was on the dry side, it had a bright flavor. The stars of the dish were the jumbo lump crab cake and, on the side, the mashed potatoes. The crab cake was flaky, delicious and chock-full of veggies. And the mashed potatoes were chunky and hearty–just like grandma makes. Meat lovers should stick their fork into one The Chart House’s melt-in-your-mouth cuts.
As any former guest of The Chart House will tell you, the Hot Chocolate Lava Cake seals the deal at the Scottsdale eatery. This variety sets itself apart from other molten cakes in the Valley thanks to its sprinkling of Heath bar. Who doesn’t a love a little crunch alongside their ooey gooey goodness? www.chart-house.com.

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