A Taste of Market Street Kitchen

Chef Robert McGrath is one of the Valley’s most well-known and beloved culinary stars–so those with functioning taste buds were thrilled when it was announced that the chef would be opening Market Street Kitchen at DC Ranch’s Market Street in Scottsdale. At Market Street Kitchen, Chef McGrath, along with Chef Matt Taylor (formerly of NOCA), dishes up his signature western cooking (hello, green chile pork), but with some tasty new twists including rotisserie meats, charcuterie and cheese, and more. And the design is pretty impressive, too: the rustic-meets-modern space includes such eye-catchers as vintage photography, a sandblasted timber ceiling, a floor-to-ceiling wine display shaped from aged natural iron and a wraparound bar that allows front-row views of the rotisserie (a cool light-up sign directs diners to the grill, too).
In addition to a lovely selection of cheese and charcuterie, there are a handful of small plates to choose from for a starter. Being a staple of Chef McGrath’s cuisine, we just had to order up the green chile pork stew. We scooped the tasty, slightly spicy meat into fresh, warm tortillas–a perfect way to kick off a comforting meal on a cool evening. The sea scallops–typically a more summery, light dish–is fall-friendly when sided with the pecan bacon. This dish packs a lot of flavor yet doesn’t overpower the delicate scallop.
Seafoodies will likewise gobble up Market Street Kitchen’s amazing Ahi dish. Though it only features a few simple ingredients, the marriage of top-grade Ahi, rotisserie-roasted pineapple and spicy kale makes for the perfect health-conscious dish. The pineapple adds a dash of sweetness while the kale gives the plate a little kick–just a little. Each day, the rotisserie grill features a different meat; the Wednesday special, which we had the pleasure of sampling, is a diving leg of venison. Diners are offered up a very generous portion of the tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat. On the side, the asparagus and butternut squash are delicious. However, it is the sweet-savory MSK apple sauce that truly steals the show. All-around, this is the ultimate fall dish.
To end a meal at Market Street Kitchen, a few bites of the chocolate-peanut butter crunch bar is in order. Perfect for a party of two, this dessert might read like a rich, decadent treat, but it is actually quite airy and made refreshing by its partner of orange-scented vanilla sauce. Next time, though, you’re all mine, Pati’s rum cake, another Market Street Kitchen sweet. www.marketstreetkitchen.com.

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