Romantic Wine Pairings

As Valentine’s Day inches in on us, all at-home cooks are deciding what to whip up for their loved one. Well, Brad Longton, winemaker for Fritz Cellars including Fritz Estate, Lost Canyon and Jenner Wines, is making it a bit easier by taking care of the wine pairing. Longton provides a few wine pairings for these classic wintery romantic dishes.
– A mushroom risotto with chanterelles and shiitakes. Mushrooms are often thought of as the red meat of the vegetable kingdom and should be paired with a red wine that can stand up to the flavor and texture. Pinot noir and mushrooms is a classic food and wine pairing. Try: Lost Canyon 2010 Morelli Lane Pinot Noir
– A creamy winter corn chowder with a bright chardonnay will warm up any cold night. The sweet corn with the fruity and creamy lemon flavors of the chardonnay make this a perfect match. Try: Jenner 2010 Sonoma Coast Chardonnay
– A delicious beef bourguignon in a red wine sauces call for just that, a red wine. Look for a wine with enough tannins to counter the rich stewed beef and vegetables. For vegetarians, substitute the meat with seitan or mushrooms. Try: Fritz 2010 Estate Malbec
– Nothing is better than ending the day with a few bits of chocolate, but pairing wine and chocolate can be a challenge. I look for wines that match the intensity of the chocolate, like a dessert wine. Try: Fritz 2010 Late Harvest Zinfandel

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