Estrella Damm Inedit


Are you more of a beer enthusiast than a wine lover? You’re in luck! World-renowned chef Ferran Adrià and team has created Estrella Damm Inedit, a beer specifically brewed for food pairings. Inedit is a unique blend of barley malt and wheat with spices which provide an intense and complex aroma, and a creamy, fresh texture. It aims to complement food once thought to be a challenge in terms of culinary pairings, including salads, vinegar-based sauces, bitter notes such as asparagus and artichokes, fatty and oily fish, and citrus. (It is said to be the first beer created specifically for food pairings.)

Inedit is best served in a white wine glass, filled halfway and chilled. Think about taking a bottle of Inedit to your next barbecue outing: A bottle can be purchased at Valley BevMo stores for a mere $10.


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