$1,250 Cognac to Debut

If you consider yourself a Cognac fan, this fall, CAMUS (pronunciation: “Kah-moo”), the last independent, family-owned Cognac house and 5th largest worldwide, will release some stellar vintages that are must-owns for your Cognac collection. The outstanding range of Certified Single Vintage Cognacs will include eight vintages, including the exclusive Pionneau 1969 Vintage. Ranging in price from $280 – $1,250, these expressions are high quality and offer a distinct flavor profile the House is known for. (The absence of additives and chill-filtering allows the expressions to maintain their natural character and aromas. All have been bottled straight from cask in limited and numbered series.)
Perhaps the most notable of the soon-to-be-released vintages is the The Pionneau 1969 Vintage, which is $1,250. It is a very special expression from the House of Pionneau – which CAMUS took over in the late 1960s. Michel Camus made a promise to Jacques Pionneau at that time: “Offer exceptional Cognacs under Pionneau name or offer nothing at all.”  The name of Pionneau has since remained synonymous with excellence, making this rare expression extremely desirable. The finesse of the Cognac is due to the exceptional concentration and preservation of very strong aromas, with palate notes of candied plums and blackcurrant.”   Less than 5,000 bottles of The Pionneau 1969 Vintage were produced; each one numbered and signed by hand to guarantee authenticity, making this a luxury for the true connoisseur.
“Thanks to the exceptional experience of five generations producing superb Cognacs, CAMUS releases only the most carefully and rigorously selected eaux-de-vie. We are pleased to share these hidden treasures of the Cognac region with our consumers,” says CAMUS President Cyril Camus. http://www.camus.fr/.

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