Four Quick and Easy Whipped Drink Recipes to Try at Home  

Korean drink Dalgona coffee in glass. Cold milk with foam of instant coffee on white background. Vertical shot.

–Kenzie Barrena
Whipped coffee is the latest drink trend circulating the internet and making its way into everyone’s kitchens. The fluffy drink comes from Korea and is also known as Dalgona coffee. Traditionally, the drink is made with instant coffee, but the internet has taken it upon itself to experiment with other flavors, and you can learn how to make a few of our favorite creations here. 
Traditional Dalgona Coffee (a k a Whipped Coffee) 
This whipped recipe requires four simple ingredients you might have laying around: instant coffee, sugar, hot water and milk. It takes four minutes to whip up, and you can find the full recipe here.
Dalgona Whipped Matcha Latte 
Ditch the coffee and instead whip your favorite matcha tea. This sweet and fluffy drink requires egg whites, sugar and your favorite matcha. You can view the full recipe here, and check out a vegan version here.
Whipped Strawberry Milk 
This one is perfect for little ones and for satisfying your sweet tooth. You will only need two ingredients: one tablespoon of Strawberry Nesquik and one-fourth cup of heavy whipping cream. Hand whisk or use an electric mixer to combine the ingredients, and whisk until fluffy peaks form. You can then lay the mixture over your preferred milk and enjoy! For more details, click here.
How You Can Create Your Own 
Take any gluten-based powder and combine it with hot water. Whisk the powder and water together until you get a whipped consistency, similar to whipped cream. If needed, you can add sugar to help sweeten the mixture. Experiment with protein powder, hot cocoa or instant chai! If you have a base that does not contain gluten that you want to try, whip it with egg whites to achieve the same whipped consistency and enjoy! 

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