New Line of Artisanal Ice Pops

Even though we’re still a few weeks away from the first day of summer (what?!), an ice pop sure sounds good right now. What sounds even better is a fancy ice pop in a flavor that is a little more palate pleasing than, say, grape or cherry. That is where the new Peckman’s Pops come in.
Earlier this month, Peckman’s Pops launched its line of ice pops in signature artisanal flavors including the yummy likes of Citrus Mint, Mango Cotton Candy, Orange Creamsicle and Pomegranate Blueberry Lemonade. Even Peckman’s popular classic flavors are far-beyond any ice cream truck variety: Watermelon Ginger Limeade, Frozen Hot Chocolate and more. “Peckman’s Pops are more than an ice pop. We were inspired by the shared memories of cool treats on a hot summer day that provided a simple pleasure and so much fun. We wanted to create an affordable experience in an amazing assortment of delicious flavors that you just freeze and open to enjoy your sweet escape,” says Deborah Krause, Chief Executive Officer of A5 Group.
Available in an easy and convenient single-serving tube, Peckman’s Pops are described as an ice pop without a stick. Best of all (well, apart from being great-tasting), Peckman’s Pops are made with the finest premium ingredients and are fat free. Isn’t that what everyone wants to hear during bikini season?
For a one-of-a-kind gift or party favor, Peckman’s Pops can also be customized allowing customers to select their own flavors and packaging. Peckman’s Pops are available for order in single flavor and assorted flavor packs at

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