New High-End Espresso Machines

Finally! The sky is no longer pitch-black during our morning commute. However, everyone can still use a little jump start to the day. Instead of swinging by the drive-thru yet again, try one of these new high-end espresso machines from KRUPS. Not only do they make delectable beverages, but they make pretty counter candy, to boot.

The KRUPS XP602050 Automatic Espresso Machine is a full-bodied stainless steel pump espresso machine with 19-bar pump and electronic controls including an automatic stop. The unit features three convenient functions, allowing users to create the perfect cup of espresso, piping hot water and beautifully frothed milk. The machine also features a Heating Cup Grid, and the option to raise drip tray for smaller cups. The XP602050 is compatible with ground coffee (one or two cups) and all types of pods. $264.

The functional KRUPS XP604050 is full-bodied stainless steel coffee machine and espresso/cappuccino maker in one. The coffee machine includes a 10-cup capacity, convenient one-button electronic control, and a pause-and-serve feature that lets the user remove carafe at anytime to serve. Even if you’re not quite ready to enjoy your cup when it’s ready, the XP604050 features a non-stick warming plate keeps coffee hot for hours and a removable cone filter basket. The machine features an auto shut-off function (after two hours) and a push lock and unlock system for the top cover. The espresso/cappuccino machine boasts a 19-bar pump and features electronic controls and automatic stop (after 30 minutes), Thermoblock (die-cast aluminum with stainless steel tube), and a 50-oz. transparent, front access water tank sliding system (under the filter holder, removable). With three convenient functions, the XP604050 can make perfect espresso, hot water or even froth milk. Like the aforementioned machine, it is compatible with ground coffee (one or two cups) and all types of pods. $360.

The mack daddy of the new KRUPS lineup is the the KRUPS XP618050. It is a premium housing espresso machine for maximum performance. Designed and manufactured in Italy, this product features double Thermoblocks: 2200 watts in total with 16-bar pump pressure and 6-bar steam pump pressure. Like the other new KRUPS machines, this one also has three functions. The machine has a programmable automatic flow stop allowing the user full control with the simple push button on control panel. The user can dictate the exact length of the espresso pour for one or two cups. There is an additional option for manual dispense. To improve the overall extraction process, pre-infusion (a few second wet-saturation times for the grounds before pressure builds up) extracts greater body and sweetness from the coffee grounds.  Additional product features include a water tank capacity of 100oz (3L), Water Level Indicator: LED and visual, low water level detection with buzzer alert function, a 360-degree swivel froth wand, Drip Tray Grid with magnets, and a Heating Cup Grid. The machine is compatible with ground coffee (one or twp cups) and all types of pods. Provided accessories include a one-cup single wall filter, a two-cup single wall filter, a stainless steel filter cradle, one Tamper, and an anti-calc filter. $720.

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