Grocery Great: Nestlé ¡Lucha Grande!

Now that school is back in session for many local kiddos, parents might be searching a new treat to tuck into their little ones’ lunch boxes. This summer, Nestlé (maker of LAFFY TAFFY, NERDS, FUN DIP and more) launched its ¡Lucha Grande! lineup of bold and intense flavor combinations–like mango chile and guava–inspired by the classic dulcerías, Spanish for “candy store.”
NERDS’ new Guava, Mango Chile and Lime and Pineapple flavors offers fruit flavors with that pucker the NERDS is known for while LAFFY TAFFY’s fresh Guava and Pineapple options are sweet and juicy, like taking a bite out of a fresh piece of fruit. (Plus, in true old-school LAFFY TAFF Y fashion, the taffy wrappers feature jokes from popular comedian Anjelah Johnson.)
A little messier but oh-so fun, FUN DIP now dishes up Mango Lime (with a tamarind stick) and Cucumber Watermelon (with a lemon stick) options. The delicious combos give kiddos a dose of flavors that might be new to them with the same tasting experience that they love. PIXY STIX also has the same new options as FUN DIP, in addition to sweet Pineapple. But don’t let the kids have all the fun: use one of the PIXY STIX flavors to rim your cocktail glass

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