Too Good To Go Launches in Phoenix, Fighting Food Waste With Delicious Deals

Too Good To Go, an app fighting food waste while helping users save on meals, has officially launched in Phoenix. 

According to the Too Good To Go website, the human population wastes 2.8 billion tons of food annually, yet 828 million people still go hungry every year. This food waste is more impactful than the aviation industry as a whole, leading to 10 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as costing the economy $1.2 trillion each year. 

To help eliminate food waste, the Too Good To Go app connects local restaurants with customers who are willing to buy surplus food that would otherwise go to waste. Since launching in Phoenix in February, the app features over 70 Valley restaurants that have signed up to be a part of Too Good To Go’s food waste initiative. 

By downloading the app, consumers can browse through a list of restaurants, shops and supermarkets in the local area that are choosing to sell food that is leftover from the day rather than throw it away. Shoppers can then select the business they would like to purchase from and reserve a “Surprise Bag” for pick-up, which includes the food items that weren’t purchased that day at half the price or less. These discounted “Surprise Bags” allow restaurants and shops to make all the food they need without worrying about having to throw away what wasn’t used or purchased while giving customers cost-friendly options for food and groceries. 

Too Good To Go notes that all food items included in “Surprise Bags” meet food safety regulations and are never unsafe to eat. Products range from bread and pastries, freshly cooked meals from restaurants, breakfast and buffet food from hotels and groceries from the supermarket, but any fresh surplus of food can be sold on the app. 

Valley restaurants and establishments that are now on the Too Good To Go app include Giving Tree Cafe, California Fish Grill, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Twisted Sugar, Tres Leches Cafe, Mr. Moto Pizza, BoSa Donuts, Proof Bread, Riviera Patisserie, The Sicilian Butcher and many more. 

To learn more about the Too Good To Go app and how you can make a difference in the mission to fight food waste in Phoenix, visit

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