This Phoenix Bagel Shop Ranks Among Best in the Country

Bagelfeld Bagels, a local Phoenix eatery, is considered to have some of the best bagels in the country, according to Bon Appétit

Bagelfeld Bagels manages to bring the flavors from the Big Apple with its own twist. Owner Charles Blonkenfeld decided to make his bagels thinner and wider, creating a unique bagel with a crispy and snappy outside.  

Brooklyn-raised Blonkenfeld wanted to bring that special New York bagel to Phoenix. Blonkenfeld started his journey early in the pandemic when everyone was making bread at home. He made his bagels in rental kitchens and sold them at local farmers markets. In 2022, Blonkenfeld opened Bagelfeld Bagels, bringing local Arizona residents a taste of the East Coast. 

Blonkenfeld likes to keep his recipes very simple by using high gluten flour, salt, yeast, malt, honey and water. Bagelfelds sources special ingredients from local vendors depending on the bagel or spread.

The menu features eight different bagels, but three of them are only offered on specific days of the week. The five bagels offered every day are: plain, salt, everything, sesame and poppy seed. The three special bagels are fennel and raisin, asiago and blueberry. 

The bagels are not the only delectable options on the menus; spreads and toppings elevate the already delicious bagels. Bagelfeld Bagels offers a traditional cream cheese in addition to other flavors, such as lemon and herb, spicy pepper and garlic and honey brown butter, and nova lox spreads. 

Bagelfeld Bagels is located at 2940 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix AZ, 85016. Learn more at

Photos: @bagelfelds

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