Sprinkles Celebrates Barbie’s 65th Anniversary with Special Cupcake

In a brilliant team-up with Mattel, the cupcake company Sprinkles unveils a limited-edition treat that pays homage to Barbie’s 65th anniversary. Just in time for Women’s History Month, this delightful collaboration encapsulates the spirit of inspiration, empowerment and the iconic pink hue that has come to symbolize more than just a doll. This collaboration, featuring the Barbie Pink Velvet cupcake, is a vibrant nod to both the past and the promising future of female empowerment and achievement.

The Barbie Pink Velvet cupcake is a worthy and delicious dessert for any woman in your life. Priced at $6, this glamorous reinterpretation of the classic red velvet cake features a rich, luscious white chocolate ganache core, enveloped in a pink cake as visually striking as it is delicious. Crowned with a pink cream cheese frosting and adorned with an iconic Barbie decoration, each cupcake serves as a reminder of the joy, resilience and strength represented by the Barbie legacy.

Available for a limited time, with national shipping until March 23 and pick-up and delivery from local Sprinkles through March 24, the Barbie Dozen offers a curated experience for $80. Presented in an iconic Barbie wrap, this special box includes an assortment of cupcake flavors: three Barbie Pink Velvet, three Sprinkle, three Strawberry and three Red Velvet.

“At Sprinkles, we’re honored to join forces with a brand that shares our commitment to female empowerment and the belief that every girl can be anything,” says Michelle Wong, CMO of Sprinkles. This cupcake embraces the solidarity and pride of ‘Barbie Pink.’ Together, we aim to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women, spark ambition, and empower them to dream big and reach for the stars.” 

As we delve into Women’s History Month, this collaboration is a welcome acknowledgment of the mediums through which female empowerment and inspiration are communicated and celebrated. Barbie, a figure that has evolved alongside the changing landscape of women’s rights and societal expectations, represents the limitless potential and varied aspirations of girls and women around the globe.

Greta Gerwig’s “The Barbie Movie” echoes and amplifies the impact of Barbie’s legacy on generations of girls. Gerwig’s interpretation is an empowering narrative that challenges traditional roles and celebrates the complexity, strength and diversity of women. The partnership between Sprinkles and Mattel is a deliciously creative reflection of the ongoing journey toward female empowerment and recognition. 

As Women’s History Month unfolds, let’s celebrate the icons, like Margo Robbie’s Barbie, who have played a part in shaping our perceptions of what it means to be a woman and do so with the joy, color and sweetness of the Barbie Pink Velvet cupcake. 

Check out seasonal flavors and the Barbie collaboration at sprinkles.com

Photos courtesy Sprinkles

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