Platform 18 Introduces New Cocktail Menu & Roaring Twenties Theme

Platform 18 at Century Grand has introduced a brand new destination and menu to its immersive, train-themed cocktail bar experience. 

Instead of the lush landscapes of Louisiana’s Bayou Country, guests aboard the bar’s Pullman-inspired train car will now “pass by” scenes depicting New York City’s vibrant Roaring Twenties. The bar’s digital screens, realistic train sounds and occasional engine steam will transport guests to a nostalgic time in the past as they take in the sights of 1920s New York City.

To enhance the vintage train ride experience, Platform 18 has created a brand new menu that matches the bar’s revamped theme. Titled “Queens of New York,” the menu tells the story of powerful women who rose to prominence during the Roaring Twenties and features cocktails inspired by the prohibition era and the flavors of ethnic dishes that were introduced by New York City immigrants. 

Guests will sip their way through the glitz and glamor of New York City’s 1920s era with cocktails such as the 54th Street Club, featuring popcorn-infused liquor; the Americana, with hints of apple, lemon, clove and cinnamon; the Club Intime, featuring charred marshmallows; and the El Fay Club, with bourbon liquor, spiced pear, browned butter, clarified milk and a ginger shortbread cookie. 

Platform 18’s new menu also offers boozy ice creams and desserts, including the Conjuring Valentino with vodka, espresso, hazelnut ice cream, and salted caramel and The Southern Club featuring rye whiskey, coconut milk, bitters, vegan ice cream and sweet toppings. For snacks, guests can indulge in a trio of parmesan cheese, togarashi-dusted popcorn and warm olives marinated with garlic and orange peel. 

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Photos: Grace Stufkosky

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