Olive & Ivy’s House-made Gelato

olive & ivy gelato
We all know that Scottsdale’s Olive & Ivy is one of the area’s top spots for alfresco dining and Mediterranean cuisine. But did you know that it’s adjacent Marketplace dishes up amazing from-scratch gelato? Typically, guests can expect 12 to 14 flavors of gelato at any time. (Olive & Ivy Marketplace is currently offering flavors like cinnamon brown sugar, chocolate brownie, chocolate chip, coconut, honey, lemon fro-yo as well as grape, cherry and blackberry sorbet.) We chatted with Olive & Ivy Marketplace sous chef Kelli Sappington about this deliciously chilly concoction.
What’s the secret to your gelato?
We use great ingredients and mix in small batches.
What are some of the most unique flavors you’ve offered?
Goat chevre with blueberry compote, olive oil and pink peppercorn.
What are some of the most surprising flavor combinations that work together?
Dark chocolate with cayenne, peach with lime and brown sugar with ginger.
What is the most requested gelato flavor?
Graham cracker.
What are your rules of thumb for creating gelato or ice cream at home?
Have a good quality stainless steel pot to cook the base in and fresh ingredients.
What sort of time commitment can an at-home chef expect when making gelato or ice cream?
Gelato or ice cream will take about 30 to 40 minutes to make the base and then it just depends on the particular machine they are using to freeze it.
How can kids become part of the process when making ice cream or gelato?
Kids are great for coming up with fun flavor ideas – let them help with the gelato by piecing up the ingredient they plan on folding in to their gelato.
Are there ways to “healthy up” gelato or ice cream?
As simple as gelato and ice cream are to make, the recipes do not really allow a lot of ingredient substitutions. Sorbet and frozen yogurt are “healthier” options we have at Olive & Ivy and would be simple to make at home as well.
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