Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams’s New Flavors are Inspired by the Classic Americana Summer

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams has officially dropped their new limited-time-only Hot Summer Spins collection!

A yummy take on the classic flavors of an Americana summer, Jeni’s redefines beloved ice cream treats to create a “new-stolgia” experience for customers. 

From freshly baked cherry pie to ice cream truck creamsicles and fruity shaved ice—these favorite flavors are all transformed in an innovative way that only Jeni’s could offer. 

Now available at Jeni’s Scottsdale scoop shop and online via, the new five-flavor pint collection includes: 

  • Sparkling Cherry Pie: A sour cherry and tingling Sichuan peppercorn ice cream with tart cherry jam and a buttery shortbread crust. This flavor captures the essence of cherry pie straight from the oven but with a bit of a kick. 
  • Snow Cone Sorbet: A far-out twist of blue brambleberry, watermelon and pink lemonade sorbets that evokes the memories of the best snow cones of summer doused in sticky, neon-hued syrup. 
  • Burnt Orange Dreamsicle: A juicy orange ice cream with vanilla custard and burnt orange caramel inspired by the quintessential combination of orange and cream. The flavor is a refreshing departure from the original with an elevated burnt orange caramel sauce that’s nutty, rich and packs a citrusy punch.
  • Tahini Oat Chocolate Cookies: Luscious milk chocolate and nutty tahini ice creams with an oat cookie crumble. An ode to the classic icebox treat, Jeni’s captures the essence of a no-bake cookie by twisting together two ice creams that’s topped off with an oat cookie crumble that softens ever so gently into the cream. 
  • Double Dough: This chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is swirled into a buttery brown sugar custard and is made to taste exactly like rich and buttery cookie dough. 

Jeni’s Ice Creams in Old Town Scottsdale is located at 7051 E. Fifth Ave., Scottsdale, AZ, 85251.

Photos courtesy Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

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