In-N-Out Burger to Open New Location in Flagstaff

The wait is finally over for lovers of double-doubles and animal fries in Coconino County. In-N-Out Burger is officially opening its first location in Flagstaff, Ariz., putting years of speculation and anticipation to rest. 

Hopes for an In-N-Out Burger in Flagstaff have been high since 2011, when a rumor that a restaurant was coming to the city began to spread. At the time, the rumor was shut down by In-N-Out representatives who responded that there were no plans for a Flagstaff restaurant yet, but the possibility got people excited. 

According to Flagstaff’s Business Attraction Manager Jack Fitchett, the plan to open an In-N-Out in Flagstaff has been in the works for many years

The plan was confirmed and announced to the public last week after the Coconino County Recorder’s office posted a public lease agreement between In-N-Out and real estate agency Diversified Partners LLC regarding a lot on Milton Road.

Before construction of the long-awaited In-N-Out could begin, traffic regulations on Milton Road needed to be changed and resolved by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Now, with ADOT’s approval, the new restaurant is on its way, but it’s still too early to know when customers will be able to enjoy the California-famous burgers. 

“Once we begin construction on a new location, it usually takes us around eight to nine months to build a restaurant and open for business,” says In-N-Out Vice President of Real Estate and Development Mike Abbate. “Because it is early in the process, it would be premature to comment on a timeline or anything like a potential opening date.”

There are currently 34 In-N-Out locations spread across Arizona, with the majority being in the Phoenix metro area. 

Though there is not a set date to when the doors to the Flagstaff location will open yet, the announcement of the new restaurant has been celebrated by many in Coconino County who now have to travel less miles to enjoy In-N-Out.

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