How-To: Homemade Pizza

For those of you like me, I thought I would be creative and spunky and make a pizza at home in my oven. The crust turned golden brown and fluffy. I had done it! I made a delicious pizza at home; I had thought. I took the first bite into my raw pizza then said bye as I dropped it into the trashcan.
However, Brad Kent, Executive Chef and Owner of Olio Pizzeria and Café in Los Angeles and Blaze Pizza, located in Tempe, says the trick to making homemade artisan pizzas is to cook them on an open flame grill rather than an indoor home oven.
Therefore, this summer, switch up your usual burger and hot dog cookout and try personal pizzas. Follow these quick and easy steps and you’ll be eating a homemade pizza that tastes as good or even better than your favorite pizza joint.
The grill must have multiple heat controls. Make the left side HIGH heat while the right side of the grill MEDIUM heat. Close the lid and let the flames rise.
Buy some pizza dough from your local grocery store or pizza joint if you don’t want to make yours from scratch.
Grab a cookie sheet and drizzle extra virgin olive oil on the pan. With clean hands, move the olive oil around the pan and completely dose your hands in oil.
Put the dough on the pan and begin pressing the dough down in an outward direction. If you want a rounder shape, lift the dough and shape it with your hands as fists.
Throw the dough straight onto the left side of the grill (high heat side). Yep, that’s right, straight onto the grill rack.
Don’t touch the dough until it can be lifted without sticking to the grill rack. Once it peels easily, flip it over onto the right side of the grill (medium heat side).
Layer your preferred toppings onto the now cooked side of the dough. First placing down cheese, then sauce, and then toppings. Close the lid and let it simmer.
Within 10 minutes you will have a flavorful homemade artisan pizza. The smoke from the grill will intensify the flavor of the dough and all its ingredients. Giving your taste buds a sweet and savory surprise leaving you craving for the next bite.
–By Alexandra Adamson

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