How to Clean Your Grill

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Now that springtime is upon us, so is endless days of grilling with family and friends (plus, Memorial Day and July 4 cookouts are right around the corner). But how does one keep their grill clean and in tip-top shape? Jim Ginocchi, president of Coyote Outdoor Living, has provided his top grill-cleaning tips.
1. Turn the grill to “high,” and let the grill warm up for 10-15 minutes.
2. Once the grill is hot, you can turn it off and scrub your stainless steel grates with a stainless steel brush. Knocking all debris down toward the drip tray.
3. After the cooking grates are cleaned, remove them from the grill (using tools and/or high temperature gloves) and then clean off your stainless steel flavorizers with the same brush. Knocking the debris down to the drip tray as well.
4. Next, you can remove the flavorizers (using tools and/or high temperature gloves) to expose the burners. Once you can see the burners, scrub them with your brush and take the time to use a small nail (or hanger) to poke through each of the gas port holes on the side burner. This will ensure that your burner continues to emit the correct flame, from all parts of the burner.
5. Once the burners are cleaned, you can then clean up the remaining pieces at the bottom of the grill (underneath the burners) and clean out the drip tray.
6. To remove the “tough” grease and stains, you can use “Dawn” (or another grease cutting detergent) or use a steam cleaner to really get the grill looking like new.

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