Cookbook Author Unveils Fave Phoenix Desserts

We all know that Arizona is chock-full of delicious desserts. Well, has asked Jaclyn Douma, author of a new cookbook titled “Our First Year: Cost Effective Recipes from the Home of Newlyweds” and local representative from Sugar Loco, a nationwide Web site dedicated to–you guessed it–dessert, to name a few of her fave Valley desserts. Here is what she had to say. (Get a glass of milk ready.)
Whoopie Baking Co.
If you love a little whoopie (pie), Whoopie Baking Co. is the place to go. Their whoopie pies are a bit smaller than normal, but each bite is filled with the best all-natural ingredients around. Better than a cupcake as each bite brings the joy of frosting and cake!
My Sweet Tooth: Chocolate Coconut Whoopie and Pucker Up Whoopie
Sherrye’s Kitchen
Sherrey’s Caramel Addiction Gourmet Brownies are like none I’ve ever tasted in my life. So chewy and rich, you literally drop your jaw and say “wow” the moment you indulge! So amazing.
My Sweet Tooth: A whole batch of Caramel Addiction Gourmet Brownies
Honeymoon Sweets
The possibilities are endless with Honeymoon Sweets. Owned and operated by husband and wife, each sweet that comes from here is a masterpiece of its own. Only the best of ingredients and filled with flavor in every bit, the attention to detail is amazing when it comes from Honeymoon Sweets.
My Sweet Tooth: Personal Peach Cobbler
North Fattoria Italiana
I love the entire atmosphere of North Fattoria Italiana in Arcadia. Loud noisy Italian kitchen – just like home. Their Affogato dessert won my heart with their unique espresso foam paired with warm Nutella cake and local vanilla gelato.
My Sweet Tooth: Affogato (as if you thought differently)
Chaparral Homemade Ice Cream
Another husband and wife team, Chaparral prides themselves on always making everything homemade, from their ice cream and desserts to their lunches and lemonades. Their apple pie milkshake made with a made from-scratch apple crisp blended together with their homemade vanilla ice cream makes you salivate even before you take your first bite.
My Sweet Tooth: Apple Pie Milkshake and Espresso Milkshake

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