Carl’s Jr. in Buckeye Now Uses AI to Take Drive-Through Orders

Carl’s Jr. in Buckeye is now using artificial intelligence to take drive-through orders as one of its first restaurants in the country to do so. 

With artificial intelligence (AI) technology on the rise, it is becoming more common to use AI in daily tasks, yet being welcomed by an automated voice at the drive-through window is a first for many hungry customers in the Valley. 

Buckeye’s Carl’s Jr. is putting AI to the test with a new system that listens to customers’ orders and sends them directly to a screen inside the restaurant, where Carl’s Jr. employees can view and prepare each order. 

Drive-through customers are greeted by the AI with a friendly “hello” before being asked what they would like to order. Just like normal, customers place their order by talking into the drive-through speaker system. They can request customizations, ask questions and hear order recommendations. 

The new system runs 24/7 and serves as an extra hand for the under-staffed restaurant, allowing employees to focus on other tasks, like preparing food. While the AI drive-through system is for the most part reliable, it still has a way to go before it’s eventually implemented into all Carl’s Jr. locations. Therefore, staff members at the Buckeye location are on standby to intervene, if needed, and keep orders running smoothly.

The Buckeye location is only one of two Carl’s Jr. restaurants in the Valley to be among the first to use the new technology, with the second Valley location being in Peoria.

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