Blue Bell & Dr Pepper Create New Limited-Time Float Ice Cream

Blue Bell and Dr Pepper, two classic Texas brands, have collaborated on a new ice cream flavor that represents the quintessential taste of the ice cream float with the Dr Pepper Float. 

“The best ice cream floats are made with Dr Pepper poured over a few scoops of Blue Bell,” says Jimmy Lawhorn, Blue Bell vice president of sales and marketing. “Why not put a spin on this popular treat and create our own version?” 

The Dr Pepper Float consists of a vanilla ice cream base mixed with Dr Pepper-flavored sherbert. This limited-edition flavor is available in the pint and half-gallon sizes through 2024. 

“The flavor of Dr Pepper and texture of the sherbet combine perfectly with the smooth vanilla ice cream. You may find yourself reaching for a soda glass instead of a bowl,” says Lawhorn. 

Even though both products are sold all over the country, both of these brands were started in Texas and still keep their Texas roots alive.

“Our Texas heritage is so important to us at Dr Pepper, and we are excited to team up with fellow Texas-born brand, Blue Bell, to create this new delicious treat,” shared John Alvarado, senior vice president of Dr Pepper brand marketing.

The new Dr Pepper Float is now available in Arizona in addition to 22 other states where Blue Bell is sold. 

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