Tempest Hotel x Pedal Haus Brewery New Beer Flight Package

The Tempest Hotel – a 52-room property in the heart of Tempe, seconds away from Arizona State University — and Pedal Haus Brewery — one of Arizona’s most reputed breweries — have announced a new partnership. 

The new partnership will see the creation of the “Around the World Beer Flight” package, which will exclusively offer Tempest Hotel guests the chance to taste the bar’s extensive selection of beer from around the world, including Mexican Amber Lager from Mexico, Biere Blanche Belgian from Belgium, and German-style Pilsner from Germany, in addition to Pedal Haus Brewery’s hallmark Haus IPA.

The $25/person package starts with a tour of the brewery’s Tempe location by one of the team’s cicerones — or beer experts — and includes insight on the process and necessities one needs to make and serve beer.

The tour then brings guests to a reserved table, where they will experience a tasting of beers from around the world. Pedal Haus’ cicerones will share anecdotes behind each of the international drafts within the flight, including facts and backstories that give tasters a glimpse of the global beer realm. 

The package doesn’t end there. Guests can purchase brewery merchandise for 25% off and bring a souvenir home for longstanding memories. Additionally, when returning to the hotel, beer enthusiasts can help themselves to Pedal Haus Pils & Haus IPA in the lobby.

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