‘Absolutely Scottsdale’ Ad Campaign Attracts Travelers With Relaxation & Adventure

After 30 years, the city of Scottsdale has a brand new look.

Introducing Absolutely Scottsdale – a revamped brand and advertising campaign that aims to remind travelers exactly why they should venture out to the Sonoran Desert as an indulgent getaway that promises relaxation, excitement and discovery.


Local marketing agency Experience Scottsdale created the campaign based on extensive consumer research indicating that Scottsdale visitors desire to escape the stresses of everyday life. This makes Scottsdale the ideal place to seek a satisfying combination of relaxing spa-like serenity and adrenaline-inducing, high-octane adventure.

The campaign will be rolled out through print and digital media, as well as a TV commercial. Short, declarative statements that may at first seem negative, like “The desert is hot” or “The desert is wild”, are turned positive with enticing tag lines, such as “Absolutely blazing” or “Absolutely dangerous”. The bold-facing text is set against welcoming imagery that invites the viewer to envision himself or herself enjoying the local scene.


“When people hear the term ‘desert,’ at times they imagine the dry Sahara,” said Experience Scottsdale Vice President of Marketing Caroline Stoeckel. “But that isn’t the Sonoran Desert. With our new messaging, we’re combating that misconception by embracing our unique beauty. Our lush desert sets us apart. It makes us absolutely and positively Scottsdale.”


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