Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa November Entertainment Schedule

Center Stage Bar

KAREN HOLLOWAY – Acoustic Top 40 

The Karen Holloway Acoustic Duo specializes in the highest quality live acoustic music. Using only one voice and one guitar, you’ll hear all of your favorite Pop/R&B and Classic Hits with a modern & soulful twist!

THE HOURGLASS CATS – Funky Latin Reggae and Rock’n’Roll 

The Hourglass Cats are a Desert Reggae & Rock-N-Roll collective based out of Phoenix, AZ. Formed in 2011 by frontman Cori Rios and drummer “Hot” Karl Maier, The Hourglass Cats consist of Chaz Fertal

(Saxophone), Lisa Lizanec (Trombone), Seth Gory (Bass), Jesse Morrison (Keys/Vox), Enrique Naranjo (Drums), and Cori Rios (Guitar/Vox).

The Hourglass Cats are known for their high energy live shows and have quickly become the premier party band for festivals, events, and venues all over Arizona as well as California, Texas, Oregon, Colorado, and even parts of Mexico.

They’ve shared stages with acts like Cee Lo Green, Thievery Corporation, Slightly Stoopid, Passion Pit, Phantogram, De La Soul, and many more.

J. FORTE – Street Pop

Julianne Forte is an American musician, singer, and songwriter. Her music incorporates elements of rock, folk, hip hop, country, and pop. She is currently working on her first major EP release and has contributed to a number of major label releases as a performer and songwriter.

ALEXANDER HRISTOV – Flamenco, Latin Jazz 

Alex Hristov is best known for his ability to play deeply emotional, traditional Flamenco, while venturing into Latin music, Jazz, and other genres with ease. 

Alex trained and studied Flamenco music, guitar and culture with Gaetano in Arizona, and with master guitarist and technician Gerardo Núñez in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, in the heart of Andalucía. There, he sharpened his skills as a solo artist and fully immersed himself, absorbing the soul, or “Aire,” of Flamenco. 

Later, while at Brown University, he studied Classical guitar to broaden his artistic perspective. Alex’s deep musical and cultural knowledge allows him to artfully blend the richness of traditional Flamenco with the sounds and rhythms of Latin America. 

WONDER – Multi-instrumental chamber-folk 

On a mission to restore the connection between artist and audience, northwest troubadour Wonder tours most months of the year with her fiancée, a guitar, and a Prius.

As part of a greater movement that emphasizes community-building, Wonder brings music and travel to a down-home level by couch surfing around the US, making a sustainable living off of donations, performing house concerts, and growing a brand on an intimate word-of-mouth basis. She is honored to have the opportunity to connect with and entertain audiences of every demographic.

HOUSE OF STAIRS Progressive Soul 

With music that’s irrevocably jazz, House of Stairs also draws from funk, soul, electronic and pop influences to create a distinct progressive sound. Because their music is so multifaceted, it has been described as an “aural, visual and emotional Rubik’s Cube.” Others call it chamber soul or Erykah Badu meets Radiohead. Regardless of label, there’s no doubt House of Stairs is a one-of-a-kind collective – their instrumentation is unique (there is no guitar or bass guitar).

They play in every meter, from three to 13; and vocalist Holly Pyle loops her vocal harmonies live. The result toggles the line between art and music while weaving in poetry, generating an imaginative exploration in sound that the band hopes will serve as inspiration for people to be their authentic selves and seek out what they most desire in life. 

THE WATERS – Progressive Folk Rock

Where love and music collide, you will find The Waters. An acoustic duo comprised of singer/songwriter Krystal Baker and guitarist Sturgis Waters based out of Phoenix, AZ, they bring a minimalist approach to progressive folk-rock music. Her haunting vocals combined with his colorful guitar melodies blend to create a fabric of intimate conversation.

The modest and dynamic aspects of the duo create an authentic experience. Once compared to a more multi-dimensional yet similar vocal sound to that of Natalie Merchant, coupled with the reminiscent guitar styling’s of Tim Reynolds, you will find a great combination of distinctive yet familiar sounds.

Playing both their original songs as well as unique arrangements of other artists, their love of music is something we can all connect with.

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