Epic Golf Club x Set Jet Take Golf Travel to the Next Level

teeing off with golf club and golf ball

Scottsdale-based companies Epic Golf Club (EGC), a private golf society, and Set Jet have partnered to offer EGC members exclusive private jet access, taking golf travel to the next level.

Set Jet facilitates the most luxurious form of air travel in the industry, at a reasonable price, without any of the inconveniences typically associated with flying commercial or the expense of flying private. The company utilizes private, non-congested VIP terminals so members can avoid traditional travel inconveniences such as advance notice for booking flights, premiums for last-minute travel, security delays, check-in requirements, and parking expenses.

Set Jet operates flights between: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, Scottsdale, and Las Vegas, in addition to offering international flights to Cabo San Lucas.

Epic Golf Club is one of the most exclusive societies in the country partnering with many of the bucket list and “impossible to get on” private clubs in the United States. Epic Golf accepts new members by invitation only, however, referrals are encouraged.

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