Rediscover Arizona Through the Latest Tourism Recovery Campaign

Rediscover Arizona, a statewide tourism recovery marketing campaign by the Arizona Office of Tourism, has recently launched, showcasing the state’s beauty and encouraging reconnection and exploration.

Photo by Cara Fuller on Unsplash

The first phase of the campaign will run through at least July 4 and is aimed exclusively at Arizonans, reminding locals of the many great things that can be (re)discovered in our own backyards. Stunning imagery of the state and slogans like “Rediscover Stargazing” and “Rediscover Staycations” are the driving forces behind the campaign.

The campaign will reach people through media channels including social media, digital advertising, radio and billboards. As data shows people beginning to travel further, Rediscover Arizona will expand its reach past locals and to potential visitors in drive markets, then short-haul air travelers and then across the U.S.

“There’s a unique opportunity right now to vacation around our state which we, as residents, often take for granted but that millions of people flock here to see each year. Arizonans are looking forward to traveling, so we’re showing them why our state has something for everyone.” 

Debbie Johnson, Director of the Arizona Office of Tourism

Arizona’s hospitality industry, which directly employed 192,000 Arizonans and contributed more than $24 billion in visitor spending in 2018, is a critical driver of the state’s economy.

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Click here to read more on what Debbie Johnson had to say about where our local travel industry is headed in the near future.

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