Grand Canyon Moments, a New Video Series Bringing the National Park Home

Photo by Amanda Murphy on Unsplash

After a $50,000 donation from the Arizona Lottery to sponsor an educational series, the Grand Canyon Conservancy has launched Grand Canyon Moments.

The 20-week series features various two- to three-minute videos that bring the Grand Canyon to life at home. The inspiring videos will cover a range of topics related to the National Park including dark skies, trails, geology, ecology, history, wildlife, the Colorado River, American Indian connections and more.

“This generous gift from the Arizona Lottery will allow Grand Canyon Conservancy to bring Grand Canyon National Park to those who have been to the park before and are longing for another trip and those who have always wanted to visit. Grand Canyon Moments’ is a way for us to provide education about the canyon’s rich natural and cultural history while the park is closed and will continue to be an educational resource after it reopens.”

Theresa McMullan, Grand Canyon Conservancy’s Chief Executive Officer

To watch the videos, visit or follow Grand Canyon Conservancy on Facebook.

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