6 Natural DIY Body Scrub Recipes Inspired by the Medicine Wheel

By Stevie White, CIVANA Spa Director

As you approach the Spa at CIVANA, you’ll see the sweeping entry includes an intentional Medicine Wheel Spa Garden, complete with four, raised garden beds filled with colorful, fragrant herbs (thyme, mint, lavender, rosemary & basil) and medicinal plants (aloe). Many native North American people have used the Medicine Wheel as a tool for therapies for centuries. A Medicine Wheel can take many different forms. The center of the wheel represents a person’s sense of self. Distinctive plant color groups represent four elements of nature: fire, air, water and earth. These gardens also represent aspects of one’s humanity: spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical wellness. 

These healing ingredients are center stage in many of CIVANA’s spa treatments such as the Medicine Wheel Body Scrub. You can combine common, natural household ingredients with fresh herbs available at the grocery store to make your own DIY spa essentials at home. Here, a few simple recipes to bring a bit of the spa into your home with exfoliating body scrubs that help bring out your natural glow.


Mix all ingredients in a mixing bowl

Mix thoroughly, adding more oil if too dry and more salt/sugar if too wet

Store in an air-tight, glass container like a mason jar

Use in the bath or shower and massage into the skin

Rinse and apply with your favorite lotion


Lavender Vanilla Body Sugar Scrub

Lavender is commonly used for its calming effect, helps to reduce redness and heal blotchy skin. 

  • 2 C. Epsom Salt
  • 1 C. Granulated Sugar
  • 2 T. Vanilla Extract
  • ½ C. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil
  • 15 drops of Lavender Oil

Aloe Vera Salt Foot Mask

Aloe Vera, a succulent commonly found in the Sonoran Desert, is a medicinal plant that has many antibacterial and antioxidant properties. The gel inside the leaves is a natural sunburn soother and helps relieve skin irritation. 

  • 1 C. Oatmeal
  • 1 C. Cornmeal
  • 1 C. Sea Salt, course ground
  • 1 C. Olive Oil
  • 3 T. Aloe Vera Gel (fresh pulp if available)
  • 3 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil (topical)

Mint & Lemon Mint Sugar Scrub

Mint helps to brighten complexion and soothes irritations and has a natural cooling effect on the skin.

  • 1 1/4 C. Granulated Sugar
  • 1 T. Lemon Zest
  • 5 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil
  • 5 Fresh Mint Leaves, chopped finely
  • ½ C. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil

Pink Himalayan Salt & Rosemary Scrub

Rosemary and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt has natural antiseptic properties and helps to disinfect the skin. The salt also helps to soothe cramped muscles and relieve joint pain. 

  • ¾ C. Coconut Oil
  • 1 t. Vitamin E Oil
  • 3 Rosemary Sprigs (leaves pull off & chopped finely)
  • 2 C. Pink Himalayan Salt, course ground or purchase as Epsom salt

Thyme & Olive Oil Scrub

Thyme has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties making a great cleanser for the skin.

  • 1 Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 2 Sprigs of Thyme leaves, leaves removed & chopped finely
  • 6 T. Sea Salt
  • 1 T. Olive Oil

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