Owen Michael Parker

Owen Parker (2)
Name: Owen Michael Parker
Age: 25
Title: Phoenix Fashion Week Top 40 Model
Married/Single: Single
Kids: None
City you live in: Phoenix, Arizona

A typical day in my life includes… 

many of different things because I am not one that enjoys routine or the mundane. However, you can normally find me working towards my dreams whether that be my entrepreneurial ventures, acting and modeling career, or assisting in charitable organizations. Also, I enjoy being adventurous and spending as much time with friends as possible.

I was born

in Lehigh Acres, a small country town in Florida, which was just a short drive from the Gulf of Mexico. 

My favorite thing about Arizona

is that you can drive just a few short hours and see such a large assortment of nature from the Sonoran Desert, Red Rock Forest, Ponderosa Pine covered mountains to the Painted Desert. Also, it is home to one of the Seven wonders of the Natural World, I mean there are only 7 wonders and we are home to one of them. It never ceases to amaze me!

I’m listening to

“Change” by Christina Aguilera, which is a little different than my normal choice of Country Music. Although, I am also very much obsessed with all things Adele.

My family

is made up of the many of friends who have chosen to love and accept me for me. We may not get to chose our biological family, but family is so much  more than that, and I am blessed by the friends I get to call family.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be

with someone genuine who has the ability to make me continuously laugh. I would also hope that they are a dreamer and ambitious with a big heart and genuine love for people. 

One thing I cannot live without

a mirror because it is way to easy to forget what we look like, not to others but to ourselves. Okay, that sounds slightly vain, so I guess I couldn’t live without the ability to smile. I love smiling and being able to make others smile. Also, a good reason to need a mirror, to see yourself smile!

When I was younger, I wanted to be

the President of the United States of America!

I’m inspired by

different people in different walks of life. Ultimately, I am inspired by someone who comes from nothing and has the ability within themselves to accomplish anything and everything they have ever dreamed. I’m sure I could name several celebrities who have done this but there are far more every day people doing it as well.

The one person who motivates me is

my roommate and friend, Kamie Tierce-Nault, she has the ability to make me always see the best in me and to pursue my dreams without doubt or fear. It helps that she not only tells me the things I want to hear to accomplish those things, but she does it all in her own life as well. She is truly an inspiration and motivation in my life in this season.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be

the hate that is so wide-spread within every community (politics, religion, school, business, minorities, etc.). I want to live in a world with a smile and love in their heart.

The perfect day would be

a day spent on the set of a film project, walking a runway, making an advancement in a business venture, or paddle boarding on the lake with friends. The perfect day is spent living my dreams or living with those who inspire my dreams.

My first job was

being a cowboy reenactment actor in Williams, Arizona where we would have shootouts in the middle of the street every night of the summer.

My favorite escape

is time spent on the ocean! I love just grabbing coffee or food at a beachfront cafe, camping on the beach, surfing along a good swell, or just jumping head first into the salt water. To be more specific, North Shore in Oahu is the perfect escape.

My life

is a wild, silly, unfortunate blessing that I do not understand most days!

I’m currently working on

my acting and modeling career as well as my marketing business and a potential clothing line.





Favorite Quote

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss

Biggest Dream

to be President of the United States of America!

My Pet Peeve(s)

double standards, people who claim love but act in hate, the volume on a radio being an odd number, and when I am unproductive.

Phoenix Fashion Week is the leading fashion industry event in the Southwest. The organization’s mission is to bridge the gap between national and international designers and premier retailers and top fashion media. Phoenix Fashion Week’s ultimate goal is to garner global exposure for Arizona’s fashion industry. Through educational fashion seminars, year-round fashion events, and charitable partnerships, Phoenix Fashion Week is gaining rapid acclaim for its community-service efforts and for infusing world-class innovation into the Southwest.



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