Cristina Palomera (Cashtina Ballinmera)

Cristina Palomera (1)
Name: Cristina Palomera (Cashtina Ballinmera)
Age: 21 where all the fun starts
Title: Phoenix Fashion Week Top 40 Model
Married/Single: Single I’m fabulous, and I haven’t found anyone equally as fabulous but I’d rather have a significant income than a significant other.
Kids :No thank you, not at the moment. Trying to live life first.
City you live in: Surprise, Arizona. I know its always a surprise every time I tell someone.
A typical day in my life includes
Eating a lot, laughing a lot, taking selfies a lot, and listening to music a lot.
I was born
where the stars are born, Los Angeles California.
My favorite thing about Arizona
is the sun sets and sun rises.
I’m listening to
YG new album -Still Brazy.
My family
is crazy, loving, humble, and caring. We call our self the Madagascar family!
If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be
Tyra Banks, to talk all about her success in the industry of modeling.
One thing I cannot live without
is sunscreen! I absolutely have to have my sunscreen on hand, although I love the sun I dislike having tans and sunburns. I don’t like looking like an Oompa Loompa or Patrick from SpongeBob.
When I was younger, I wanted to be
everything…literally! It was fun pretending to be a mommy, teacher, chief and my all-time favorite, princess!
I’m inspired by…
when I see others around me doing great and fulfilling their goals and dreams. This inspires me to want more and do everything in my power to become someone great. I want my family to be proud of who they raised and let those who doubted me see that I did become the person that I always said I was going to be, and that is…. Cristina Palomera the model that sets high expectations of herself and accomplishes everything she said she was going to do.
The one person who motivates me is
My mother, she is a cancer survivor twice and is the strongest person I know. Her recovery is a miracle and I thank god every day for still having her here with us. She is the one who has taught me everything about being humble and giving your time to help others who are in need. After everything she has gone through she teaches me that anything is possible.
If I could change anything in the world, it would be
to help those in desperate need. I dislike that there are many millionaires and powerful people with money who do not help people who are in a lower class them. We all need to come together and help those around us so that the world can become a better place.
The perfect day would be
waking up in a comfy bed, to the view of an ocean, with breakfast in bed to start my day for a photoshoot with high top designers like Louie Vuitton, Chanel, Marc Jacobs etc.
My first job was
McDonalds. Yes it really was… at the time I loved it, since I thought I was balling with money when my paychecks arrived… Until I think I was loving it too much my pants where a little too tight.
My favorite escape
is getting in the car listening to music while stopping at an ice cream place.
My life
is great ! I am very blessed and thankful for all the wonderful opportunities that have come my way. I am very proud to be where I am at this age with everything I have accomplished and what I am working on.
I’m currently working on
myself and getting to where I want to be in life.
remember to love yourself, be humble and no your worth.
let others bring you down.
Biggest Dream
would be to model to top designers in the industry and have my name known.
My Pet Peeve(s)
when someone is chewing like a cow.

Phoenix Fashion Week is the leading fashion industry event in the Southwest. The organization’s mission is to bridge the gap between national and international designers and premier retailers and top fashion media. Phoenix Fashion Week’s ultimate goal is to garner global exposure for Arizona’s fashion industry. Through educational fashion seminars, year-round fashion events, and charitable partnerships, Phoenix Fashion Week is gaining rapid acclaim for its community-service efforts and for infusing world-class innovation into the Southwest.

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