Cristina Irimiciuc: FORD Robert Black Agency Model

Meet Cristina Irimiciuc, 27 year -old beauty with FORD Robert Black Agency as she talks about her family, career and everything in between.

Where were you born?

I was born in Suceava, Romania in Eastern Europe.

What made you decide to become a model?

It was my dream and passion to model.  I take it seriously, I work hard, and I’ve enjoyed the challenges of it and the process over the years.

What major cities have you modeled in?

I’ve mostly modeled in Scottsdale and Los Angeles, but in my early modeling years, I did travel to Milan, Italy.

Who is your favorite designer?

My favorite designer is Vera Wang.  I’ve modeled her designs before, and I think they’re very classy and elegant and timeless.

Who is your favorite model?

My favorite model is Magdalena Frackowiak.  I think she has a beauty that is classic and timeless, and we are both European!

If you could be on the cover of any magazine, what would it be and why?

If I could be on the cover of any magazine, it wouldn’t be a specific magazine; I would just be happy to be on the cover of any major magazine as long as I’d be standing for something positive.  It would be a huge accomplishment, and I’d continue to focus on being a positive role model!

Where is your favorite location to shoot?

My favorite location to shoot would be Scottsdale, Arizona!

Can you share your favorite beauty secrets?

When it comes to beauty secrets, I enjoy taking care of my skin with natural and organic products, and I try to pay attention to what I eat and drink and to what I choose to feed my body with.  So with this said, I drink lots of water and eat as healthy as I can.. even though I do love GOOD food that is GOOD for you!

iPhone or Blackberry?

How ironic that I am coming across this question – I just switched from a Blackberry to an iPhone on October 18, 2012!

What do you hope to accomplish by the end of this year?

You know, I’ve accomplished so much over these years… I graduated from Arizona State University and now am officially debt free, I am signed with 2 of the biggest agencies in the world, and I was able to share my family’s story in an online magazine with the help of my sister, Simona. I am really just taking it day by day, and if I can maintain, stay on a positive track and really humble myself and thank God for the tools and talents He has given me to be where I am, I know that whatever I accomplish will be great!

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