Trendsetter to Know: Lorrie Glaeser, President & CEO of Streets of New York

Streets of New York CEO Lorrie Glaeser

Name: Lorrie Glaeser

Twitter: @StreetsofNY

Facebook: @StreetsofNY

Instagram: @StreetsofNewYorkPizza


Age:  Old enough to know much….

Title:  Enjoying my blessed life of hard work and dedication to all I do.

Married/Single: Partner relationship for 17 years.

Kids:  Three adult children and six grandchildren.

City you live in:  Phoenix.

A typical day in my life includes… My days are spent at my corporate office. I am involved in all aspects of business – accounting, marketing, food development, product sampling for recipes, working closely with my vendors and disturbing company, daily conversations with our upper management who work directly with our restaurant managers and employees, supervising the development of Streets, working on contacts and relationships with all the sports venues Streets is involved, enjoying my industry and its people. I am always thinking about how to improve the guests’ image of Streets that have supported STNY for 45 amazing years. 

I was born… Hackensack, New Jersey.

My favorite thing about Arizona… The mild temperatures especially coming from the east coast, with being able to schedule any function not depending upon the weather, visiting many amazing Arizona sites. My eyes are always enjoying the beauty of new adventures around the corner.

I’m listening to… Michael McDonald, Andreas Bocelli, Kenny G, Elton John, Lionel Richie.

My family… is the dearest to me. I love our gatherings and relaxing vacation times together. We work our business daily as creative talents in many areas of the restaurant business, being mindful every of the benefit and stability of this 45 years legacy. My children and grandchildren are totally committed to our family’s business dream, that’s a blessing I am proud of. 

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Jesus or the Dalai Lama.

One thing I cannot live without… My taste and love of Italian foods with great wine to enjoy. Cheers!

When I was younger, I wanted to be… A flight attendant for the love of travel. Also, anything in the fashion industry. I love looking the best I can every day, dressed for all occasions.

I’m inspired by… The simple pleasures of great conversations, everyday learning from those I admire with hearing “their story”.  I am very blessed having a fabulous business and personal relationship through my life. My life’s journey, as I look back, has been an adventure of meeting great people that have shared their dream of going forward. I’m stimulated by progress.

The one person who motivates me is… It’s never one person. It’s the many people through my personal life and business career. My acquaintances thankfully experience the same great respect and caring of each other. How blessed are we?

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… Teaching dignity with calm respect for all, even though we are different. Respecting our love of country. 

The perfect day would be… Enjoying beautiful beach scenery, appreciating its continuing beauty, hour after hour

My first job was… I was a waitress in Park Ridge, New Jersey.

My favorite escape… Hawaii and Italy where I would love staying for few months, enjoying the cultural experience of the land and its people.

My life… Is enriched with enjoying people I surround myself with, charity passions I support, loving my industry, mentoring many people through my life, and just getting to “know you.”

I’m currently working on… On my restaurant business side, developing Streets into additional new locations throughout the Valley.

Always… love, honor and respect. My golden rules!

Never… Give up on the challenges of each new day, thinking positive as I put my high heels on again for another day’s adventure, although some days hold on tight for the crazy ride.

Favorite Quote… As long as I’m wearing my high heels and not flip flops, I will continue the pace I enjoy, retirement is not my goal for now.  “Life is not about finding yourself; life is about creating your best self.”

Biggest Dream… to remain healthy for all I desire to accomplish, I’m not done yet. 

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