Trendsetter to Know: KONG the Huggy Bear

Name: KONG





Age: 2.5 years old

Title: KONG the Huggy Bear

Married/Single: Single and ready to mingle

Kids: are my favorite playthings.

City you live in: Chandler

A typical day in my life includes… you know, the typical dog stuff – walks/hikes; eat; nap; snack; playtime/ training-time; making messes; mess’n with my sister Suki, and voicing my opinion. My extra-curricular activities are, therapy dog visits at Tyler’s Place, Chandler (Wednesdays); remote teletherapy (Mondays); school visits (on hold); carting practice started up; and giving Mum a whole lotta love and kisses. 

I was born… in Nogales. Which side? From a dog’s point of view, there are no borders, except for Border Collies. Tequilla anyone?

My favorite thing about Arizona…are the countless trails upon which to leave my mark.

I’m listening to… other canine sounds in my hood, the crinkle of a bag of Cheetos (no matter how quiet my Hoomans are), and the sound of my Hoomans cutt’n the cheese (hehehehe)  board.

My family… is my pack, and I am the alpha male.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. He’s the canine version of Don Rickles.

One thing I cannot live without…is my Mum.

When I was younger, I wanted to be.. a Flat-Coated Retriever Show Dog. I’m just a wannabe, but my Mum loves me just the same or even more.

I’m inspired by…  the young hoomans who I meet through Pawsitive Friendships and school visits.

The one person who motivates me is… my Mum. I wouldn’t be the dog I am today – an LGBTQ canine, (Literacy (promoter), Guardian, Blood-donor, Therapy (dog), Quicksilver). Learning carting and other dog sports has made me a well-rounded dog.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… every stray and abandoned animal has a furever loving home.

The perfect day would be… eggs, bacon, and blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Then with just my Mum, a drive up North, sniffing the air as it blows in my face. Mum finds a secluded pond with a panoramic picturesque waterfall backdrop. We take a swim, followed by a toweled-dry massage and a good brushing. Hungry from swimming, we have a picnic lunch of beef pate, cheeses, fruit, and Cheeto snacks. After lunch I like a good roll on my back, then settling in for a nap with a light cool breeze thumbing through my fur. After naps, we frolic in a lush grassy field and another swim. To end the day, I picture myself snuggled in my Mum’s lap, snoring away and dreaming it all over again.

My first job was… get adopted, but my real first job is a Pawsitive Friendships Ambassador.

My favorite escape…is bolting under the garage door before it closes. 

My life…is one big adventure; come follow me.

Always…lend a helping paw.

Never…eat poop and kiss your Mum.

Favorite Quote… “Pets change lives in wondrous ways.” By Eileen Pieczonka

My Pet Peeve(s)…dogs off-leash; little dogs barking in my face, not getting my Mum’s attention; and running out of homemade beef jerky and cheese!

I’m currently working on… my campaign for the title, America’s Favorite Pet! The competition is currently going on, as this week is Round 3 – Group Winner (daily voting through Thursday, September 17th);

Followed by:
Round 4- Quarter-Finals (daily voting from September 18th through September 24th);
Round 5- Semi-Finals (September 25th through October 1st);
Round 6- the Finale (top dog wins the Title of, America’s Favorite Pet) October 2nd through October 8th)
Your vote would very much be appreciated. Just click on my website link above to place your vote. Voting occurs every 24 hours.

Biggest Dream… Winning the 2020 America’s Favorite Pet Award, and an Olympic size swimming pool with acreage to run around in.

More About Kong the Huggy Bear:
I am a Literacy (promoter), Guardian, Blood-donor, Therapy (dog), and Quicksilver canine (LGBTQ). 

I was the first born of 10. My siblings and I were dropped off at SAFE (Saving Animals from Euthanasia) animal rescue in Tucson. The liter had a Charlie Brown theme name. Guess what name I got stuck with? Charlie Brown. The liter was split up into foster homes. The youngest female, Peppermint Patty was paired up with me. They probably thought she would be safe with her big brother, ha! Our pictures were posted to Adopt A Pet and caught the attention of my current owners. The initial interest was on my sister, Peppermint Patty. She looked like a Flat-coated Retriever dog, named Blueberry Bear! What kind of name is that? It didn’t take much for me to put on the charm to secure our adoption. 

Our new Hooman Mum renamed us. I was 23 pounds at 13 weeks, so she named me Kong. My sister was named Suki. Mum had big dreams for us, but we had a different agenda planned.  Guess who won?

Mum put a lot of time and effort into training us. Suki was to carry the legacy of Mum’s book series, titled Blueberry Bear Tales. Pretty heavy stuff for a puppy to take over, so I was appointed to help her out. We worked hard to get our CGC, CGCA, and Therapy Dog certification. (No butts, ands, or ifs.) We were on a roll, going with Mum to book signings and school author visits. Shortly after, we joined a pack of other dogs and pets. Mum tells people we are Pawsitive Friendships’ Ambassadors. Sounds pretty regal to me. We visit with children which I sensed have special needs. I loved my new job. Who doesn’t like a canine in uniform. We were just getting started, and suddenly put on furlough? That’s worse than being crated. Suki and I though did start back up with remote visits called teletherapy, and recently started visiting a different facility called Tyler’s Place in Chandler.

I’m so easy going and always ready to lend a helping paw, that Mum signed me up to be a blood donor dog. I wonder if she thinks I’m a bloodhound? I have a lot of energy, so not to get bored and destroy stuff, Mum enrolls me in extra-curricular activities like agility, obedience rally, and carting. We also go on long walks/ hikes and sneak in an occasional swim at our friend’s house. In between all my activities, I’m campaigning for the title, America’s Favorite Pet

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