Karen Levitt Ortiz

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Name: Karen Levitt Ortiz

Age: 28

Title: Crescent Scottsdale Quarter Community Manager

Married/Single: Married

Kids: A dog named Dolce and a cat named Louie

City you live in: Chandler

A typical day in my life includes… I start my day out with my Venti Starbucks Double Shot

before I begin my trek to work. I have a long commute all the way from Chandler to North

Scottsdale, but I am lucky enough to manage the hottest, most high-end apartment community

in Arizona, Crescent Scottsdale Quarter. Every day is challenging and exciting, and I have an

amazing team and company, Mark-Taylor Residential. On a typical day, you can find me touring

prospective residents, working on financials, motivating my team members, planning programs

for our Training Committee or helping current residents with their everyday needs.  I also

coordinate and host community events in our extravagant clubhouse, working frequently with

our neighbors at the Scottsdale Quarter. All the while, managing a multi-million dollar asset and

ensuring the clients are satisfied with their investment. After a long day at work, I typically grab a

few glasses of wine with my girlfriends at Postino or catch up on the week’s episode of the


I was born… in Homewood, IL just outside of Chicago. I miss all of the amazing culture and

delicious food! Can’t wait for Lou Malnati’s to come to Phoenix!

My favorite thing about Arizona… the mountains!  Being from the mid-west, I am amazed by

the landscape and enjoy hiking every weekend!

I’m listening to… XM Radio. BPM or anything country.

My family… still lives in Illinois, but my younger sister just moved to Arizona and moved in with

me until she starts at ASU in the fall. We are enjoying the new dynamic and the opportunity to

become even closer. There is a 10 year age gap between us, but she looks up to me to teach

and guide her through life’s challenges.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be…  my grandma. We were incredibly close

before she passed away from colon cancer in 2006. I would love to be able tell her about

everywhere I have been and everything that I have accomplished. I know that she would be so

proud of me.

One thing I cannot live without… wine! Good thing I work next door to wine bar!

When I was younger, I wanted to be… a ballerina!  I still do!

I’m inspired by… the challenges and goals that I set for myself both personally and

professionally. I take great pride in overcoming an obstacle or reaching a certain goal; like

getting to the top of a mountain or earning a career advancement.

The one person who motivates me is… my husband. He is always very supportive and proud

of my work ethic, even if that means long hours and late nights at the office. I know that I have

someone at home who is always there to listen to me and hold my hand after a rough day.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be…  to open the minds of judgmental

people. Far too often, people are quick to pass judgment based on the way someone looks, the

color of their skin or the clothes they are wearing.

The perfect day would be… laying on a beach with my hubby drinking margaritas.

My first job was… a sales associate at a bridal jewelry store. I got to play dress up all day!

Tiaras and veils included!

My favorite escape… was traveling to Italy with my husband.  Eating pasta, drinking wine and

exploring all of the art and history.

My life… is full of challenges, but also full of fun. I truly live by the motto “Work hard, Play hard.”

I pour my entire self into my work every day, but make sure that my weekends are jam packed

with social activities, being outdoors and taking advantage of everything there is to do in


I’m currently working on… leasing and stabilizing occupancy at Crescent Scottsdale Quarter

while providing the best living experience possible for our residents. I personally make it my

goal to ensure that everyone truly enjoys calling this place their home. I am constantly looking

for ways to grow and challenge my own personal career, as well as develop new training

programs for my company.  I am working hard to continue my path in multi-family community

management and look forward to growing new developments in the Phoenix market.

Always… work with integrity.

Never… go to bed angry.

Favorite Quote… “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” –Marilyn


Biggest Dream… to travel the world and experience so many other amazing and interesting

cultures. I would also love to go back to school and earn a Master’s Degree in Business


My Pet Peeve(s)… messy handwriting.

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