The Mother’s Day Series: Sarah Benken of The KNOW Women

As Mother’s Day approaches, we here at wanted to highlight several local women in the Valley who are not just mothers but overall BOSSES.

Founder and CEO of The KNOW Women, Sarah Benken, has created a space for female leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs to connect, support, and mentor one another for 13 years. Every year, a new class of women is featured in the KNOW publication to know and do business with.

The publication is focused on diversity and inclusion and creating a space for women to support other women.

Our mantra is lift and rise, and our goal is to feature one million women in the next five years to help them celebrate their hard work and achievements.

– Sarah Benken, Founder and CEO

Being featured in The KNOW publication is a coveted position for business women within each chapter. The book is distributed to businesses, galas, and women’s organizations alike to highlight women who have successfully grown their businesses and careers. Calling the book a “community resource” Benken says that she has had men tell her that they keep the publication on their desk as a resource to “lift women up”.

The KNOW Women has grown to over 15 markets across North America including Canada as well as having a digital membership to reach women across the globe. With each membership, women can explore master classes, training, CEO chats, and listen to inspirational stories from women who have reached high levels of success in the field and have even been featured in The KNOW publication.

I’m seeing women in our community creating relationships, collaborations, and partnerships. They’re working together and buying from one another, which is another great way that they’re elevating each other as well.

– Sarah Benken, Founder and CEO

The KNOW Women is all about creating a space for women to feel like they are “in the right room.” Elevating, featuring, and lifting women up is something that is at the cor

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