Meet Devi Orlandella and Her Company, Dishes2U

Established in 2010, Dishes2UTM was created by Devi Orlandella to fill the need for schools, businesses, camps, and other groups that require onsite meals and snacks for constituents. Offerings are customized for each client.

The online ordering tool gives their students, employees, etc. the convenience, control, and flexibility to easily order, purchase and track purchases online.

What is even more exciting is that the cost for the service is built into the meal pricing (which is still often lower than what is available at the restaurants).

Dishes2UTM is a proud member of the Arizona Charter Schools Association. 

Now Meet Devi Orlandella:

A typical day at Dishes2U includes… coordinating lunch delivery with our restaurant partners, talking to schools and businesses about our Dishes2U lunch delivery service, reaching out to new restaurants to come on board with Dishes2U, and working on expanding our service to new states.

My favorite thing about Dishes2U is… seeing how much kids love getting their lunches delivered from some of their favorite restaurants. Teachers too!  

What you focused on this past year:
We’ve always realized how amazing teachers are. We all now have a new understanding of just how important teachers are to our community. At Dishes2U, we’ve renewed our commitment to honoring them and helping people show how much they appreciate these essential workers!

What should schools know about Dishes2U that they may not know? Dishes2U is actually a fundraiser for the schools. We give back a percentage on each item ordered!

Why did you start Dishes2U?
I have two children, Alex (23) and Maya (21). I started the business because of them; they inspired me to offer lunches kids would look forward to eating!

Your vision for Dishes2U:
I want to continue to expand Dishes2U into new markets across the country! There is a big demand for our kind of service, which takes the burden of lunch service off the schools. 

More About Devi Orlandella:
Devi Orlandella is a food service professional with extensive experience in marketing, organizational management, and sales. Before establishing Dishes2UTM, she served as the regional manager for Rewards Network Restaurant Group where she cultivated high profile accounts, oversaw vendor relationships and pricing negotiations and deployed training programs to enhance customer satisfaction and grow sales.

Devi is a community volunteer and has a special interest in children and education. She earned a BA in Business Administration from Hammersmith & West London College in the U.K. She lived in the U.K. for 10 years but now resides in Arizona.

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