Foundress Fridays: Jamila Watson, Founder of Parties On Purpose

Jamila Watson is the Founder of Parties On Purpose.

Parties On Purpose provides full-service event planning for busy individuals looking to plan a one of a kind celebration. We have been planning parties for over 12 years and we love creating an effortless experience for our clients. We plan kids parties, social events and corporate events from start to finish. We work with our clients to find their perfect venue, arrange catering, rentals, activities, decor and more. We have a true obsession for going above and beyond to make their day extra special.

AZF: Describe your perfect Saturday morning. 
JW: My family and I love staying in Newport Beach. This may sound crazy but my husband and I love waking up early and working from the Starbucks at Crystal Cove. It overlooks the Pacific Coast Parkway and we get to look at the beautiful ocean while working on our laptops. Another “perfect morning” that’s a little closer to us would be having breakfast at The Henry! Their food is incredible!

AZF: How do you feel best supported? 
JW: For me, family is key. My husband and my family support me so much. I am so lucky that my husband is a realtor because we both love business. We talk about business all the time and I can run my business decisions past him whenever I need to. I have to also add systems. Over the years I have implemented systems and processes in my business that make things run a lot smoother and really support my business. Lastly, my vendor family. We support each other and we are there for each other no matter what.

AZF: Did you always know that you wanted to be entrepreneur? If not, when did you realize that it was the right path right for you?
JW: I had no idea I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I was around people that took the more traditional path of a 9-5 job. It wasn’t until I saw my true gifts emerge when I was a small group leader at my church. Planning kids activities and events just lit my sole on fire. I knew it was the right direction for me.

AZF: What excites you most about being an entrepreneur? 
JW: I am a builder and a creator! I love the process of building and growing a business. I love that I get to learn, grow and evolve everyday. Knowing that I am the driver of my own life brings me great joy.

AZF: What motivates you to keep going amidst of the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur? 
JW: Event planning isn’t for the weak of heart so to keep myself motivated I go back to my why. Why did I start this business, who am I doing this for and what is my vision for the future. I also stay motivated or inspired by listening to entrepreneurs and christian speakers via podcast, audible or youtube.

AZF: What is your “life motto”? 
JW: What can I do today to bring joy to someones life? Life isn’t just about worrying about ourselves but what can we do to support and uplift others?

AZF: What’s one piece advice you’d give to a young entrepreneur who is just starting out?
JW: No regrets!! If you want to do or start something do it! Take some time to plan out your action but not too long. If you think about something too long you won’t do it. Be an action taker. Believe in yourself and your abilities. Your potential clients will love your confidence and are more likely to believe in you and your services. Lastly, put in the work! Learn what you can learn and do all that you can do to achieve your goals.

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Parties on Purpose planned and designed the birthday party for four-year-old Layla Rose who’s pictured bottom left with her parents, New York Knicks point guard Derrick Rose and Alaina Rose, and younger brother, London Marley Rose.

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