Trendsetter to Know: Personal Stylist Ruby Paredes

Name: Ruby Paredes


Age: 30

Title: Personal Stylist/ Fashion influencer

Married/Single: married

Kids: two, my son Paulo who’s 7 and my daughter Emme, 3.

City you live in: Tucson

A typical day in my life includes… mom life, gym, coffee dates with friends or clients, answering emails, organizing closets, cooking, working on mood boards for clients, making online orders for clients, styling over face time, looking for certain items clients need and sometimes personal shopping for clients too and taking pictures of my OOTD.

Everyday is different, I never do all of the above in one day but everyday I work on something with personal styling. I am always looking online researching the latest trends, reading, sending them to clients. Pairing outfits for them, sometimes they need a certain outfit in a certain color or print and I’m out looking at some of the stores we have here before I decide I need to look online and overnight it for them.

My favorite thing about Arizona…the sunsets for sure. They’re breathtaking. I also love the majestic mountains and canyons we have. I love our iconic towns like Bisbee, Flagstaff, Prescott, and Sedona.

I’m listening to… Christian Woman Leadership Podcast. I love this podcast because it really helps me focus on what’s important in life and how to really find my purpose, how to use the gifts I was born with, and how to make my dreams come true with the help of faith and grace.

My family… is all from Mexico. I grew up with just my mom, I’m an only child. I can’t say it was easy because it’s wasn’t. My mom had to be my mom and dad at the same time and be brave for me even when she was scared. She had to do it all. 

I grew up with my cousins and in a way that made me not think so much about wanting siblings but now that I’m older and we’re all married and living our own life, yes I wish I had a sister or a brother more than anything. It’s good having that support.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… I feel that the old me would’ve picked idk a celebrity to have dinner with, but right now I admire a blogger I follow so much, and I would love to meet her and talk to her because I’ve been following her for years now and to see how huge she’s become and her beautiful relationship with her sisters and parents and be this CEO, boss momma, and be a good wife and mom to her kids is just everything to me. So inspiring. So yea I would love to have dinner with Rachel Parcell.

One thing I cannot live without… obviously my kids, but I’m going to also have to say coffee.

When I was younger, I wanted to be… one day I wanted to be a doctor and made my mom buy me a real Dr. coat and a stethoscope. Then the next, I wanted to be a teacher and had a big chalkboard and everything. Then it was an actress and model, so I guess it never was just one thing for me.

I’m inspired by… people who have it all and stay humble. The ones that love helping the less fortunate because it’s in their heart to do so not because it’s the right thing to do.

Also, love a woman who is sure of herself enough to uplift and support other women who might be doing the same thing or working on the same projects as her. To me, that’s beautiful, because it’s so easy to at some point in life feel like you need to be in competition with other women because of how social media makes us feel. But in reality, we can all make it.

There’s room for everyone and if we work together and empower each other then the sooner we get to the top TOGETHER. I’m also super inspired by all the ladies that work out super hard to have amazing bodies. They make me want to eat lettuce for the rest of my life but I love feeling inspired by them especially when I’m at the gym.

The one person who motivates me is… my kids are and have been my motivation always. I just want to be a really good mom to them, I always want them to feel happy with whatever they have and know that Home is a happy and safe place for them.

They motivate me to take care of myself. My health, because I survived breast cancer almost 2 years ago and since then I need to eat healthier and keep my stress level down and all that. They remind me to be strong and take care of myself because they need me. They motivate me to live in the moment and to be the best human I can be.

Also, big shoutout to my husband Luis. If someone believes in me, it’s him. He always cheers me on, helps me take pictures when I need him, works on projects with me, and is always making me feel beautiful and I love that about him. Besides him being an amazing father too.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… climate change, I was watching a documentary called “Our Planet” the other day and it showed how many animals are suffering and dying and going extinct because of climate change and I was just crying. I would also change the way people are so easy to judge others based on what they see without really knowing.

The perfect day would be…the perfect day to me is having a completely clean house, all clothes ironed, dishes washed, closets organized, food cooked for my family, watching a movie at home with my husband while we share a cheese board and a glass of wine, followed by a good face mask and read a chapter of any book I’m reading at the moment.

My first job was… at Haagen Dazs ice cream. The story on how I got this job is funny. I really wanted to work there and saw that they were hiring so I called them. When they answered I said “ Hi I’m Ruby and I’m wondering if you’ve reviewed my application yet and when did you want me to go in for an interview”.

I hadn’t even applied. So the manager was like “what’s your name? Let me look at your application.” After a long hold she was like “ I can’t find it I’m so sorry but why don’t you come this afternoon and you can fill another one here I must’ve misplaced it”. So I did go and she interviewed me she asked me what my favorite movie was at that time and I said “Save the Last Dance” and that got me the job. She said, “that’s mine too! Ok, you’re hired.”

My favorite escape…I love taking a trip, anywhere even if it’s a day trip but just getting out of town for a while and being somewhere else, sometimes with the kids or with the husband and drinking coffee at a local coffee shop and just talking to strangers and taking pictures. But if I can’t take a trip I would say Target alone would be my next favorite escape.

My life… is not always as colorful and happy as it seems. I deal with anxiety, I too feel unmotivated sometimes. I deal with mean people all the time trying to put me down or make me feel less than them. 

I deal with tantrums. I worry and feel insecure or that I might not be able to do certain things I want. But at the end of the day, I come back. I never stay in my dark thoughts or feelings, I snap out of them.

I pray, I find my peace again and keep going. I remember who I am, what I’m doing, what I want to do, focus on what I have, and be grateful. I remind myself that life isn’t perfect.

No matter who you are, what you have, how rich, how successful, we all have problems, insecurities, stress and we all fight battles that some may not share. The important part is to know that life isn’t perfect and that it’s ok to feel down sometimes and give yourself a break. To not be so hard on yourself and to not expect so much from others or life. Learn how to get through your problems with a positive mind.

I’m currently working on… a couple of collabs, organizing my own closet and getting rid of things I no longer need. I’m working on eating healthy and remodeling certain rooms in our home.

Always…stay grateful for what you have and positive. No matter how hard it gets, how bad things look they always get better. They really do. Just be grateful for whatever journey life gives you because that’s what makes you who you are.

Never…force relationships. If you don’t vibe or connect with someone don’t force it, just move on. Don’t do small talk, just move on. And never compare yourself to others, you don’t know that person’s story. Be grateful for what YOU have because one day you realize how you took the small things for granted when you shouldn’t of.

Favorite Quote…“You can overcome anything in life but first you must be willing to live in your truth.”

Biggest Dream…my biggest dream would be to own a coffee/bakery shop. Very little people know this but at heart, I’ve always wanted to be a barista and I often think about working part time at a Starbucks just so I can know what it’s like and like not live my whole life wondering what working for Starbucks is like

My Pet Peeve(s)…

I have a lot. My biggest one is dirty mirrors/ windows. People who wear the wrong clothes for their body type or things that are just not ok…I always want to like go up to the person and say “ I can help you, please let me help you”. When moms don’t take the time to dress their kids nice or cute, whatever you want to call it.

Sometimes I see moms dressed all cute and their kids are not and there has to be a balance like when you see people’s kids you can tell what kind of mom they have just by looking at how they’re dressed…or is that just something I see? Wearing too much perfume or cologne. Repeating myself, especially when I know they heard me. Poor customer service.

More about Ruby Parades:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 27. My tumor was already pretty big. I was super scared and didn’t know what to think except, “I have to fight, I have to live, the kids need me. I don’t care what I have to do I will because I want to live”. I stayed positive throughout my whole journey. I got close to God, Ive always been religious but this time I really found Jesus and dedicated myself to him. I asked him to heal me to please let me live and after months and months or praying I went to a healing ceremony where I can say I was healed.

I was on my like 5/16 chemo treatments when my tumor disappeared. The Doctors couldn’t believe it, they had no idea how it happened and were in shock. But I knew it was God.  I love praying for others and I like telling other people battling cancer my story so they can find peace knowing that God can heal you if you really believe and ask.

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