Paul and Jeff Hamra: Jewelers of Today, Jewelry of Tomorrow

We began 20 sentences that each person finished in their own words. Here’s what brothers and co-presidents of Hamra Jewelers, Paul and Jeff Hamra (pictured left to right), had to say about business, brotherhood and everything in between.

Name: Paul and Jeff
Age: 50 and 47
Title: Presidents of Hamra Jewelers
Married/Single: Married and Married
Kids: Three and Two
Live: Phoenix and Paradise Valley

I was born…

Paul: in Los Angeles, California

Jeff: an optimist

My favorite thing about Arizona…

Paul: is the perfect weather we have nine months of the year.

Jeff: is the people I meet on a daily basis that walk into our store.

I’m listening to…

Paul: the jazz station on Pandora

Jeff: everything around me and learning more every day.

My family…

Paul: is my inspiration in life.

Jeff: always shows care and love.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be…

Paul: Abraham Lincoln.

Jeff: Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex.

One thing I cannot live without…

Paul: is time with my kids enjoying cookies, kites and yo-yos.

Jeff: are the inspirations that surrounds my life.

When I was younger, I wanted to be…

Paul: a magician.

Jeff: busy and was constantly working on ways to build skills that would hopefully help me with whatever I chose to do someday.

I’m inspired by…

Paul: my mother’s enthusiastic and positive outlook on life.

Jeff: faith, family and my parents.

The one person who motivates me is…

Paul: the love of my life – my wife.

If could change anything in the world, it would be…

Paul: for everyone to live by the slogan: “Let’s all get along together”

Jeff: for people not to let the little things bother them.

The perfect day would be…

Paul: spent at the Arizona Science Museum with my children.

Jeff: sailing with my wife and kids.

My first job was…

Paul: selling greeting cards door to door as a kid when we lived in Marin County, California.

Jeff: working with my dad untangling chains for hours and hours.

My favorite escape…

Paul: is spending time in San Francisco with my wife.

Jeff: is the top of Camelback Mountain looking at the beauty of the Valley.

My life…

Paul: has been an amazing adventure.

Jeff: is a continued work in progress.

I’m currently working on…

Paul: repairing a Vespa scooter and learning to fly an RC helicopter.

Jeff: the growth and expansion of Hamra Jewelers.


Paul: have hope and faith in yourself and others.

Jeff: respect others…always.


Paul: say never, say Yes!

Jeff: say no to a person in need.

Favorite Quote…

Paul: “Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing” -Abraham Lincoln

Jeff: “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!” -Jonathan Winters

Biggest Dream…

Paul: is flying in a rocket.

Jeff: to watch Paul fly in a rocket.

My Pet Peeve(s)…

Paul: is negative attitudes.

Jeff: is manners.

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