Trendsetter to Know: Renee Tulliani of Dealty

Name: Renee Tulliani





Age: 45

Title: Founder & CEO of Dealty

Married/Single: No longer married but not yet married

Kids: 3 Teenagers! David (17), Lauren (16), Max (15)

City you live in: Cave Creek

A typical day in my life includes…making a lot of food for my teenagers. However, when I am not cooking, I spend every minute working on Dealty, looking at real estate or finishing remodel projects around my own home. Pretty much everything revolves around real estate or food. 

I was born…in Chicago to Italian immigrants. My father met my mom when he was going door-to-door selling vacuums. They fell in love with Arizona after hearing you could buy an acre and have horses in Paradise Valley. We moved here when I was 1.

My favorite thing about Arizona…used to be the heat because it kept it a small town. But now I appreciate the growth and all the beautiful architecture.

I’m listening to…country music. I love 80’s music (when real music stopped being made) but I feel silly driving around listing to David Lee Roth or Slaughter, so just country music now.

My family…hmm, what is the saying…If you meet an Italian girl who tells you her family is not crazy, you have found yourself a liar…lol. But seriously most of my family still lives in Italy, so it is my kids and me here.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… definitely my grandmother who lived in Italy her entire life and passed away when I was very young. My grandfather died in a bombing of their town while she was pregnant with my father. She raised 5 children on her own literally in a one room structure built on the side of a hill. Unfortunately, I was never able to meet her, but obviously she was an amazing and strong woman.

One thing I cannot live without…is my chihuahua, she goes everywhere with me. Yes, I know it is a tiny bit strange.

When I was younger, I wanted to be…a detective. Nothing is ever what it seems, and I love finding out what things really are.

I’m inspired by…business owners. I absolutely love hearing business owners’ stories because on the outside, things usually seem like a fairytale with success, but there are always amazing struggles and sacrifices that go into almost every great business.

The one person who motivates me is…my boyfriend. He constantly and consistently has a great outlook on things, and he will always let me know when I am being too hard on myself, on the right track or need to tweak an idea.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… I wish we could go back to smiling at each other…without masks on.

The perfect day would be…breakfast would include mimosas with lox and bagels. I would spend the day planting colorful flowers in my courtyard and later having a prime rib dinner with my boyfriend in Cave Creek.

My first job was…at 17 years old making pizzas at Little Caesar’s, on Mountain View and Hayden.

My favorite escape…is absolutely Italy. I have yet to visit anywhere that makes me so happy. It has everything I want, small towns, beautiful beaches and incredible food everywhere. However, if I have to choose something closer it would be visiting my boyfriend’s small town in Idaho.

My life…has been extremely eventful. It has made me very good at handling change and constantly reinventing myself. I think it has also made me a great problem solver, which has given me the opportunity to share my experiences in real estate and find industry solutions.

I’m currently working on…Dealty 100%. I have a had a few businesses over the years, but I have never felt so passionate about my responsibility to make Dealty a platform that can share the excitement and rewards real estate has to offer with everyone. I am determined to bring value to sellers and buyers. I hope to make a much-needed positive change to the real estate industry.

Always…be honest.

Never…run out of food at a gathering or serve cheap wine to your guests.

Favorite Quote… “If you saw the size of the blessing coming, you would understand the magnitude of the battle you are fighting”

Biggest Dream…is to make Dealty a household name.

My Pet Peeve(s)… ice chewing and Neil Diamond.

More About Dealty:
Dealty is a digital platform that allows buyers, sellers, agents and homebuilders to independently search or list available properties, without third-party intervention. The website gives users the tools needed to buy or sell houses without hidden fees. For more information visit

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