Trendsetter to Know: MakeUp Artist Devin Dollface Alexis

Name: Devin Dollface Alexis



Age: 29

Title: Freelance Visual, Makeup, Special Effects Artist and Model 

Married/Single: Off the Market 

Kids: Two Furbabies, Rockadooky (corgi/chihuahua) and Matilders (pitbul/jack russel terrier)

City you live in: Tempe, AZ 

A typical day in my life includes… coffee, creating some type of art whether it’s drawing, makeup, singing, or doing photoshoots; whether modeling or being part of the creative process. The other part of my day is networking online and hustling! Advertising my services through every outlet possible. 

I was born…and raised in Brooklyn, NYC to Sicilian parents. 

My favorite thing about Arizona…the sunsets. Of all the places I’ve lived, Arizona skies are untouchable. 

I’m listening to… everything on BBC Live Lounge. I’m a sucker for an excellent acoustic rendition of songs I wouldn’t typically listen to on my own. 

My family…is very Italian, ha! 

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Dolly Parton, my idol. 

One thing I cannot live without… iced lattes! I’m a serious addict when it comes to coffee and no one puts this bratty Aries baby in the corner! 

I’m also addicted to the “cottage core” area on Pinterest/Tumblr. Sue me for being a 29-year-old female. 

When I was younger, I wanted to be… an artist. I have drawings dating back to when I was 11 months old of Jack Skelington and Dinosaurs holding purses. I was a weirdo from birth.

I’m inspired by… dark humor. Fantasy elements in a gritty backdrop. Scars. Extreme glam. People with miles of experience who get up every day and follow their passion – even if they have to grind to do so. People with something to prove to the world. 

The one person who motivates me is… my partner, Rick. He is the most intelligent, innovative person I’ve ever met. He’s artistic, creative yet logical and grounded. He grounds me and inspires me to push myself towards a higher level of self-success. He inspires me to learn and do things I’d never thought I’d do like jet ski and kayak! (I’m a city slicker). Plus, he has impeccable taste in music, clothing, and serial killer documentaries.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… the stigma of chronic illnesses, ie. invisible diseases such as diabetes or depression. A lot of the time people think I’m flaking when the reality is I’m so tired from battling the rollercoaster of blood sugars and neuropathy pain. 

The perfect day would be… doing makeup (glam or fx) and / or modeling. Then coming home to my furbabies, eating pizza in my PJs, and watching wrestling/documentaries with my man. I’m pretty basic. Work and home are the most important things to me. 

My first job was… at The Knitting Factory music venue in NYC at 16 years old. I wrote press kits, helped create flyers, helped set up and break down the venue, and worked the door. 

My favorite escape… singing. I took eight years of opera/broadway style vocal training but visual arts and makeup-less me down a different path. 

My life… is a kaleidoscope spectrum of  technicolor dreamscape 

I’m currently working on… art. And more art. 

Always… eat the damn cake #yolo (I’ll walk myself out now)

Never…go against your own instincts. 

Favorite Quote… “The higher the hair, the closer to heaven” – Dolly Parton. 

Biggest Dream… to be a 50’s style trophy wife who bakes cookies, and Dracula heads in the oven. I would love to have my studio to draw, tattoo, sculpt, do makeup, and have photoshoots.

My Pet Peeve(s)… manipulation of the truth when there’s factual evidence proving otherwise. Maybe I should have been a lawyer!

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