Trendsetter to Know: Blake Monar of Statum Style

Name: Blake Monar

Twitter: @blakemonar

Facebook: Blake Monar 

Instagram: @BlakeMonar 


Age: 31

Married/Single: Single

Kids: None 

City you live in: Phoenix AZ

A typical day in my life includes… working out, packaging online orders, lots of coffee, and driving around to our stockists restocking inventory. 

I was born… I was born in Rockport, IN. 

My favorite thing about Arizona… Being from Indiana it’s hard not to mention the weather and being able to ride motorcycles year round.  However, the people are amazing.  I find that even in a big city like Phoenix people are always altruistic and truly want the best for you.  It has a very communal feel that i was used to growing up in a small town.

I’m listening to… Oh man, my music tastes are all over the map! I’d say my most played artist right now is Dermot Kennedy with everything from drake to luke combs mixed in.

My family… is truly amazing.  They are incredibly supportive and have always been.  I could go on about my parents and sister for pages.  Simply put they are selflessly loving and always my biggest fans, whether it was my past career in baseball or my current in cosmetics.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Oh, that’s a tough one. I would say my first thought was Paul Mitchell. He’s built an amazing career as a cosmetic professional and as an entrepreneur. He started Paul Mitchell while sleeping in his car.  Stories like that inspire me. 

When I was younger, I wanted to be… a baseball player 

I’m inspired by… all that comes along with running your own business.  all the good bad and everything in between.  I always tell people that the first hair product I ever sold felt better than either Major league baseball draft I was selected in.

The one person who motivates me is… my sister.  she is my biggest fan and toughest critic. She never lets me slack that’s for sure!

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… I’d say the overall negativity of the world right now.  I’ve been one to suffer from a lot of anxiety throughout my life and understand how helpful a few kind words can be.

The perfect day would be… it would have to include my family and my niece. Living in AZ and running a business while they are in Indiana makes that difficult.  So a full day of coffee, sweatpants, and holidays with them is my ideal day. 

My first job was at… I was a paid intern at an Indiana farm! I drove combines, semis, and climbed grain bins.  Far cry from cosmetics in scottsdale, AZ i know!

My favorite escape… Riding my motorcycle.  For me, if I’m stressed, anxious, or simply need to clear my head it’s always on the bike. 

My life… My life has been interesting. Going from a small town indiana and playing professional baseball to owning and operating Statum Style made me  grow a lot as a person. Ive loved the pressure of sports and business and could never see myself doing anything else!

I’m currently working on… In the big picture, my organization and procrastination.  As someone who always sides with the creative aspect of my job i often neglect others.  However, I have been in the process of formulating a skin care line to Statum set to launch in November! So that has been really exciting for me and im hopeful our skincare products will be as loved as our haircare. 

Always… respond with love and kindness regardless of the other person’s behavior is. 

Never… Never neglect to tell someone how you feel, how they inspire you, or simply that youre proud of them.  You never know how it may impact them.  Honestly when you start to do that, it’s incredibly self rewarding also!

Favorite Quote… There are more things, Lucilius, that frighten us than injure us, and we suffer more in imagination than in reality. -Seneca

Biggest Dream… My biggest dream would be to die with a family and kids who love and our proud of me. I think in business it is so easy to get caught up in numbers and goals instead of things that truly fullfill you.  I try and get back to that mindset as much as possible. 

My Pet Peeve(s)… People talking on speaker phone in public!

More About Blake Monar:
My name is Blake Monar. I am the founder and CEO of Statum Style cosmetic company.  The idea of Statum Style started after searching far and wide for a natural pomade that I liked.  After over 500 formulas in my own kitchen, I uniquely formulated our best selling “Hybrid Paste” clay pomade. 

We have since been in business for nearly 5 years and are set to launch our own skincare line.  So while Statum has grown immensely, every product is still handcrafted and made only with the highest quality all-natural ingredients. 

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