Trendsetter to Know: Bailee Howell, Professional Organizer & Owner of Living Precisely

Name: Bailee Howell 

Facebook: LivingpreciselyAZ

Instagram: @livingprecisely 


Age: 28 

Title: Professional Organizer 

Married/Single: Married (10/10/2020) 

Kids: 2 fur babies 

City you live in: Phoenix/Cave Creek 

A typical day in my life includes… my day starts with hot lemon and local honey water (my allergies are outrageous), I then head to the gym where I lift with my husband or do what I love most, yoga! After I will either head to an organizing job, go product shopping or have admin days at home. These days at home consist of marketing campaigns, consultation calls, product purchasing and/or invoicing clients. I then eat lunch and take my large handful of vitamins (my family calls me the “vitamin lady” because I take so many). I continue to work and once I come home the work doesn’t stop honestly—from there I have my dogs to feed, my plants to water, more admin or content work to sort through (like they say, “I quit a 9-5 job to work 24/7). We then typically eat dinner, shower, read or watch a show (I am a show junky!) Our weeks are like this Monday-Friday, typically Saturday and Sunday, you would find me at the pool, the lake, on vacation or at the spa. I do believe in a healthy balance of work and life! 

I was born… In 1993 in Flagstaff, AZ 

My favorite thing about Arizona… Lake Powell. This was my second home in the summer while growing up. It was the place I took my senior pictures for high school, where I learned to wakeboard, find my love for the water and even the place where my husband and I got married! You could say I am a little obsessed! 

I’m listening to… Nothing currently, I have recently started reading rather than listening

My family… is amazing! I am very much a family person and both my husband, and I have our families here, so we have many plans with them! 

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… my grandma, I miss her dearly! 

One thing I cannot live without… popcorn! 

When I was younger, I wanted to be… a professional jet ski racer 

I’m inspired by… my husband, my father, and most of my friends- they are all so successful, supportive and encouraging

The one person who motivates me is… my husband 

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… marine waste pollution 

The perfect day would be… my dogs, red wine and the beach. 

My first job was… an ice cream scooper at Baskin-Robbins 

My favorite escape… my hot tub spa- this is where I spend many nights getting my thoughts out from the day or the week 

My life… It is great but by no means perfect. I work hard to take care of myself, my body, my mind. 

I’m currently working on… a huge addition to my business. This is currently a secret, until then sit back and relax 

Always… remember: Life is about choices

Never… shouldn’t/should yourself! 

Favorite Quote… “A place for everything and everything in its place”

Biggest Dream… Travel the world with financial peace  

My Pet Peeve(s)… people that complain about things in their life without making the changes needed to make it better  

Bio-on yourself/company: I am Bailee Howell an Arizona native who grew up in the beautiful mountains of Flagstaff. I moved down to the Valley in 2017 after graduating dental hygiene school at NAU to follow my husband and his career. In 2019 after realizing that the dental field was not for me, I started Living Precisely. Not knowing where it would go, I kept promoting the business, working hard and doing hygiene part time until eventually my husband and I saw that this was truly what I was supposed to do. In November of 2021 I fully gave up dental hygiene and went full time with my Professional Organizing career, and it has been the best decision of my life! 

Why did I start a professional organizing company? Well, it’s my passion. Many of my friends and family have always harassed me for my need of perfection in my home and space. I then thought why not make this a reality for more people than just myself. I wanted to give people the stress-free life that I had lived for years, I wanted to give people more time with family and friends and to do the things they loved. I also wanted to create my love for interior design into a career that could give people both a beautiful home and an organized home! 

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