Tamara Morken


Name: Tamara Morken



Age: 47

Title: Owner of THAT Brewery, Beertender, Brewzette

Married/Single: Married to Steve Morken

Kids: yes – he’s 30 and our Sales mgr

City you live in: Pine & Cottonwood

A typical day in my life includes…

tons of book work (accounting, payroll, reconciling), social media marketing, planning, communicating, driving, educating, learning & organizing.

I was born…

in AZ, just before Halloween!

My favorite thing about Arizona is

the weather and endless things to do. Hike, boat, fish, camp, snow play, bike. You can be in the heat surrounded by cactus the drive a couple hours and be in the snow surrounded by pines.

I’m listening to

the washer in the spin cycle.

My family

is amazing, supportive, kind, helpful, thoughtful, crazy and very giving.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be

my family. I love our get togethers. We all talk at the same time, eat off each others plates, enjoy hearing about what’s happening in each others lives and we laugh a lot.

One thing I cannot live without…

one thing is hard! If we are talking material things, probably iced tea! But bacon, wine, beer, cheese, bread & sushi are all right there!

When I was younger, I wanted to be

successful. And I feel I have accomplished that many times in many ways.

I’m inspired by

hard working, honest, successful people!

The one person who motivates me is…

hmmm, there is not just one person! My husband/best friend motivates me a lot by being understanding, helpful and always just figuring it out even when unsure. My son is a great motivator as I always want to make him proud that I am his mom. My parents are extremely supportive of anything I do and they are always always there! My sister is an amazing peacekeeper and person – she motivates me to be understanding and patient. My friends motivate me with advice, understanding and amazing friendships!

If I could change anything in the world, it would be

less taxes! They kill us personally and especially as a business.

The perfect day would be

camping with great food & drinks, a hot fire, and great company!

My first job was

Burger King when I was 15. That only lasted a few weeks. I hated smelling like french fries at the end of the day, and now I own a restaurant and smell like french fries often…too funny!

My favorite escape

is camping and laughing. Both bring me huge smiles!

My life

is hectic, amazing, fun and tough. Ups and downs!

I’m currently working on

closing out 2014 accounting stuff, payroll, changing out yearly filing folders, taxes, a meeting agenda, cleaning up my email inbox, laundry, my schedule and getting more kegs into rotation.


celebrate! Life is to short not to!


allow anyone to make you feel inadequate!

Favorite Quote…

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, be kind, always” ~ unknown author “Embrace the glorious mess that you are” ~Elizabeth Gilbert

Biggest Dream

is to be financially, emotionally & physically healthy!

My Pet Peeve(s) are

people throwing cigs out vehicle windows. Uugghh. So frustrating!

Dishonesty. Uugghh again!

Drivers that don’t use turn signals

People that don’t accept responsibility for their own actions.


Best of Our Valley winner, THAT Brewery, will be featured at the 15th annual Strong Beer Festival, set for Valentine’s Day at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix. Sweethearts and singles alike can enjoy a broad variety of the state’s strongest signature suds at the event widely recognized as “Arizona’s Best Beer Festival.” Tickets are available for purchase at arizonabeerweek.com.

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