Candice Mathis

Candice HS

Name: Candice Mathis




Age: 30

Title: Blogger (

Married/Single: Married

Kids: 0

City you live in: Scottsdale

A typical day in my life includes… coffee w/ organic cream & coconut oil, Pure Barre class, writing and procuring for

I was born… in a small town of Missouri where corn and cotton is grown.

My favorite thing about Arizona… the sunshine.

I’m listening to… Vanesa Pardiso station on Pandora – always.

My family… is very large, loud & loving.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… Hadley Richardson and/or Ernest Hemingway.

One thing I cannot live without… (ONE?) Ok, please choose for me. . . hand lotion, coffee, and my husband (no particular order, haha)

When I was younger, I wanted to be… an astronaut and lawyer (at the same time).

I’m inspired by… travel, delicious food, great books, and PINTEREST 🙂

The one person who motivates me is… my husband, he is the smartest person I know and he believes in me.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… feed the hungry, give a bed to the homeless.

The perfect day would be… wandering around Paris fueled on wine, cheese and tea…

My first job was… well, technically my first job was for my grandpa, he paid me to help him out at all of his little stores. He was a businessman and at one point owned our town newspaper.

My favorite escape… I love a good bath with hot tea or the occasional wine. ALWAYS candles and tea though.

My life… is always a work in progress. I love learning about new things.

I’m currently working on… farewell to windermere, another book about Ernest Hemingway’s early life.

Always… a student (it seems).

Never… go on trips with anyone you do not love. -Ernest Hemingway

Favorite Quote… never go on trips with anyone you do not love. -Ernest Hemingway (haha)

Biggest Dream… to take a couple of years off and travel the world.

My Pet Peeve(s)… interrupters.

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