Trendsetters to Know: Merrill Wilson & Tasha Wright of Rouge & Wright Medical Aesthetics

Name: Merrill Wilson & Tasha Wright

X, formerly Twitter: Rouge_Wright

Facebook: Rouge and Wright

Instagram: @rougeandwright


Age: MW: 40. TW: 42

Title: MW: RN/Makeup Artist/ Co-Owner of Rouge and Wright Medical Aesthetics

TW: RN/CANS/BSN/BLS/ACLS  Co-Owner of Rouge and Wright Medical Aesthetics

Married/Single: Married (both)

Kids: MW: 3 daughters (10, 7 and 5). TW: son (8) and daughter (12)

City you live in: MW: N Central Phoenix. TW: Scottsdale

A typical day in my life includes… MW: Waking up with the girls to get ready for school, get ready for work-start my day seeing patients at 9-5 M-Fri, run an errand or two, home for dinner, bath and bed for the girls, then my husband and I like to have a cocktail, listen to our record player, enjoy the fire (now that the weather has cooled off), and talk about our day.

TW: Wake up at 6:15 get kids ready for school, grab her breakfast sandwich that mIke made to share with Merrill, with patients 9-5 M-FRI, leave pick up kids from school or sports, feed dogs, make supper, help J with his homework, sit down and watch a movie while working on my lap top, and get the kids ready for bed, finish movie and have a cocktail with Mike and go to bed

I was born… MW: Charleston, SC. TW: Sac City, Iowa

My favorite thing about Arizona… MW: I love this state because of its size there is so much to do. You can lay out by the pool in Phoenix, then head up North for a couple of hours and be in the snow. I love that I have met people from all over the country here. It feels as if AZ has become such a destination to live. We do have incredible weather, except for the dreadful summers, but even then I still enjoy the summer nights. I love seeing mountains as I did not grow up around them. However, I miss the water terribly every day. 

TW: The warm weather

I’m listening to… MW: 90’s Hip Hop, Lana Del Ray, Coldplay, pop music, 80’s. TW: Jellyroll, Country and Hip Hop.

My family… MW: I have a husband Ben Wilson of 12.5 years, 3 beautiful girls Charlotte Rose (10.5), Price (7), and Magnolia “Maggie” (5) a Goldendoodle “Benson,” a cat “Snow,” and a fish “Happy.” I have a sister Emily and two incredible nieces “Hayden” and “Ella”, four step brothers and a stepsister and 8 step nieces…however, they all live far away.

TW: Blended family with husband Michael Ford, Daughter Malana Wright (12), Jaden Wright (8), Mikey Ford (20), Ellie Ford (17), Abby (17) Johnny (17) two dogs: Scottie (White lab) and Nala (Goldendoodle), Desert tortoise “Sammy”

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… MW: my deceased Brother Price. TW: My deceased Opa (Grandfather)

One thing I cannot live without… MW: makeup. TW: my blanket.

When I was younger, I wanted to be… MW: an actress or makeup artist/stylist. TW: Marine Biologist or RN.

I’m inspired by… MW: people who have suffered loss or tragedy and have been able to overcome and find their true selves, positive energy, personal connections, and, of course, my children.

The person/people who motivate(s) me is/are… MW: my girls, my husband, Tasha, my sister, my best friends (I am blessed to have more than 1). TW: my mother Kim and Merrill.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… MW: a world with out politics. TW: More peace and kindness.

The perfect day would be… MW: Sleep in, wake up have a big breakfast with french toast, eggs, and bacon…go for a walk with my family and the dog. Go thrifting/shopping around Phoenix with my besties. Lunch at Shake Shack ( cheeseburgers are my favorite food). Transport to Sullivan’s Island, SC to the beach for the afternoon. Early dinner and cook out and have a dance party with my baby girls. Date night with Ben and catch some  live music with friends. Home with Ben for a night cap and actually get 8 hours of sleep!

TW: Wake up at Mom’s house in Okoboji, Iowa and have her come roll with my family, then go out all day on the lake on the boat, then I would fly back to AZ and go shopping and happy hour and end the night at a concert.

My first job was… MW: my first official job was as a summer lifeguard and I hosted/waited tables during the school year in high school. TW: I was in high school and did a work-study program as a respiratory therapist. 

My favorite escape… MW: I need a beach and a hammock and some good yacht rock tunes and a cocktail. TW: Beach, music, cocktail.

My life… MW: is unexpected and just along for the ride on this train. TW: Is a shi* show and in constant motion, ever-changing and evolving.

I’m currently working on… MW: editing footage from our reality TV  show that we are currently filming, launching our own skincare line, and training to compete in ballroom dancing in February at Dance Stars AZ. TW: editing and filming our Reality Show, transferring to a new EMR system.

Always… MW: tell the people you love in your life that you love them whenever you see them. TW: Be thankful and grateful and remember there can never be too many “I love you’s.”

Never… MW: forget that everyone has their own shi* going on and you never know what they are going through and don’t be quick to judge others. TW: give up.

Favorite Quote… MW: ”See you and me, have a better time than most can dream, have it better than the best. So we’re gonna pull on through, whatever tears at us, whatever holds us down and if nothing can be done, we’ll make the best of what’s around.” —Dave Matthews Band

TW: “Ask, believe, and receive” —Mark 11:24

Biggest Dream… MW: TO be hired as a makeup artist using my own makeup line for a high-profile actress for an event or movie and get to start in the movie with them! To share my love for what I do, to have my own perfume, to have my own makeup line, really just to be a star…but I already am to my girls and friends, parents and husband so my dreams have and are coming true-I really want to be able to travel and retire with my husband comfortably and be able to give my girls all they are going to need in this crazy life.

(For both of us) To have my kids to grow up safe, happy, and healthy.

TW: To be the best Medical Aesthetics Injector.

My Pet Peeve(s)… MW: listening/watching people eat loudly lol, people riding my tail while driving, allergy nose drip, people who stare at every part of you while you’re talking to them except keeping eye contact, come on make eye contact people!, the AZ heat above 105.

TW: When someone talks over other people, loud people.

Bio-on yourself/company: Merrill Wilson RN/Makeup Artist and is originally from Charleston, SC. She is co owner of Rouge and Wright Medical Aesthetics in Uptown Phoenix, AZ. She is accompanied by her partner Tasha Wright RN/CANS/BLS/ACLS. Our Medspa is very special and unique from the moment you walk in. We opened in September of 2022. Tasha is originally from Iowa, has over 15 years of injecting experience, Neuro ICU experience, and is an IV Specialist. I focus on injectables as well along with makeup and skincare. We also offer teeth whitening, hormone replacement therapy, weight loss, laser treatments, hair loss treatments, and ear piercing. Merrill has  been in aesthetics for over 10 years and loves the industry completely. The anti-aging and beauty industry is always trending and there is so much to learn. Education is a large part of our roles as RN’s. We educate our patients as well as continue to educate ourselves in the up and coming trends of Medical Aesthetics. We thrive on our relationships with our patients. We love our patients and they are the reason why we love what we do. There is nothing better than helping others to achieve their goals to feel like their best selves. We are so grateful for our incredible location and love to be in the heart of Uptown Phoenix.

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