Trendsetter to Know: Kelsey Campbell

Name: Kelsey Campbell

Twitter: @worldchanger55
Instagram: @worldchanger_usa

Age: 35

Title: Olympic Athlete

Married/Single: Single

Kids: None

City you live in: Tempe

A typical day in my life would normally include… meditation, reading, prayer, a scheduled out eating plan, 1-2 wrestling workouts, 1 strength training session, a 1-speed training session, and walks with my dogs. With the constant changes taking place around the world, and more specifically, the Olympics being delayed 1 year, my days have shifted quite a bit. I do most of my training at home, with 3 virtual practices with a few of my teammates each week. I am working on a book and a YouTube channel dedicated to the voices of athletes around the world. I am excited about the positive impact it will have.

I am also working on an EP with a talented producer, and I look forward to seeing that music comes to life. My training looks different now, but I am still pushing myself daily, studying film, using my voice to inspire positive change in my community. When you’re focused on such a monumental and rare accomplishment, it is all with and for a purpose.

I was born… Anchorage, AK

My favorite thing about Arizona… Arizona is a sort of a forever-staycation spot and I happen to live here. I like that I don’t really ever need an over-abundance of winter coats (although I keep a few for overseas travel).

I’m listening to… Stick Figure, Ted Radio Hour, Throughline, Hidden Brain, Dua Lipa, and Tove Lo.

My family… I have an older brother. He has served in the Army since 1998. My mother lives in Arizona with her rescue puppy and my Dad is of Jamaican descent, living here with me in Arizona temporarily. However, his dream is to live in Florida when things are better and possibly in Jamaica again one day.

If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be… sorry, but one is not enough. Kelly Cutrone, Khloe Kardashian, Hillary Clinton, Ellen, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga… It would have to be all of them.

One thing I cannot live without… my dogs.

When I was younger, I wanted to be… a professional singer. I still do.

I’m inspired by… World changers. I’m inspired by individuals that use their voice and their platform to make a real and positive difference.

The one person who motivates me is… God. I’m inspired from within and have always been pretty self-motivated. I would also say, my competitors. But that also depends on the context we’re discussing. My competitors are the ones that never allow me to rest, to relax, or to feel that I have arrived. This is more in the context of my athletic career.

If I could change anything in the world, it would be… to erase the human desire/urge to commit physical, mental, and emotional abuse of any kind. While I recognize that darkness is necessary for the light on some level, I truly believe without the evil of violence; humanity could function forward with so much more love and unity.

The perfect day would be… A lot of music, the ocean, dogs, a hot date with my hot man, probably performing… in any order.

My first job was… a hostess at a Fish House. It was fun and I love Seafood, especially since I’m from the PNW. But I hated smelling like fish every day!

My favorite escape… performing music. I love being on stage, in my element.

My life… Is so unfinished – I have so much more to do.

I’m currently working on… winning the 2021 Olympics. I am also collaborating with a producer to create an EP of my original music. I would love to pursue music full time after the 2021 Olympics. I have always begun the process of writing and publishing my first book.

Always… believe in yourself and listen to your instincts. Always. God gave instincts for a purpose.

Never… consume more than you create. Especially in today’s era. Limit your time on social media. Experience life, don’t just post pictures of it.

Favorite Quote… “Evolve as you please.”

Biggest Dream… is to be a professional recording artist and a 2021 Olympic champion!

My Pet Peeve(s)… not following through.

More about Kelsey Campbell:
I am a 2020(1) Olympic Hopeful, and 10x National Team member for Team USA. I’m passionate about music, dance, and animal advocacy. I am always working on my first book. I was the first female to wrestle for Arizona State University (12th in the US to wrestle for a division 1 men’s team), the third female in USA history to make two Olympic Teams in my sport, and am on track to Gold in Tokyo.

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